Graphic Glamour: A First Look at Fendi’s California Sky Pre-Fall 2020 Collection

Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi in collaboration with Californian artist Joshua Vides, Fendi’s latest collection comes in a distinctive graphic style
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Image: Instagram/@joshuavides

Sometimes, all you need to stand out is a full on, monochrome look. Italian house Fendi has joined hands with Californian artist Joshua Vides, known for his bold, sketch-like marker designs, for their latest pre-fall 2020 collection. 

His trademark marker style has been recognised globally, having previously woeked with major brands such as Google, Nike and Mercedes Benz. And now, the same monochrome sketch treatment can be seen across Fendi's latest collection designed by Creative Director Silvia Venturini Fendi, from flower printed trousers and shirts, striped blazers, to some of Fendi’s most iconic bags.

Titled “California Sky,” the line carries forward the free-spirited, playful and relaxed nature of the Italian house’s Spring 2020 collection, bringing forward the sky as the main element to its pieces. Alongside a black and white palette, various pieces are adorned with a sky blue and violet touches, reflecting a Californian sunset.

The bold, graphic collection is a head turner in its own right, and has already attracted the attention of various fashion mavens, from Yuwei Zhangzou, to Chiara Ferragni.

This isn't the first time the Italian house has come together with Vides. He first worked with Fendi over a space in London's Harrod's a year ago, and transformed a Fendi Caffe and Peekaboo bar in his signature style. 

Take a closer look at some of the standout pieces from the collection below, which will be launching in stores and online on the 25th of June.




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