6 Style Lessons To Learn From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The supermodel is known for her refined and minimal style, and we are taking notes.
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Ever since splashing into the scene, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has shown that not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she is a true style icon. No stranger to the numerous campaigns and catwalks that feature her, the model and businesswoman has proven to be great style inspration when it comes to minimalist fashion looks with touches of elegance and glamour! She is usually spotted in neutral colours, luxe designs and comfort, all in one. Ahead, check out the six style tips we've learnt from Rosie's impecable style.

Focus On Proportions

If there is one thing that Whiteley is a true expert of, it is playing with proportions. The businesswoman usually chooses to balance her pieces out to create comfortable and powerful looks, without opting for pieces that are too tight or too oversized. Fitted blouses come with loose pants to bring on a cohesive look, or Rosie completes the outfit with an overcoat to bring another dimension to the look and make the look even more fashionable.

Don't underestimate the power of accessories

If you like minimal outfits while still looking to make a statement, make accessories your next best friend. Rosie usually opts for golden accessories, such as golden chains, which adds a touch of glamour to her look. Plus, this tip is also an easy, effortless one to adopt! 

Blending casual pieces 

Understanding Rosie's style can become a lot easier when she realizes that for casual looks, she usually combines simple and comfortable elements, such as plain jeans, with something a little more outstanding and sexy, such as a fitted red top.This brings an uncomplicated, but elegant touch to your look.

Many layers are not always the answer

On one hand, Rosie is known for opting for overcoats and layering, while on the other, she is the perfect inspiration to show that a single piece - like a white button down shirt - can be what is necessary for a sensual and powerful look.

Basics can make for amazing looks

There are a number of advantages to basic pieces and Rosie is a real expert on the subject. She knows how to adapt them and use them in different looks, but knowing her basics well and finding the best ways to pair them, while transforming them into something refined and worthy of street style! In most of her looks, accessories are responsible for her boldness in style.

Stick to neutrals

Although it is possible to find Rosie in outfits with striking colors, such as red, she is a big fan of neutral tones. They are easy to pair, and also bring about a chic aesthetic.

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