10 Looks We Want To Steal From Seo Ye-Ji's Wardrobe In It's Okay To Not Be Okay

Featuring Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Miu Miu, Bulgari and more
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Last weekend, Netflix released the finale of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, and if you’ve been following the story — how can we not talk about Seo Ye-Ji's fabulous wardrobe in this riveting K-drama?

“How Mun-yeong dresses herself may come across as a little odd to other people,” Seo Ye-Ji shared in an interview ahead of the IOTNBO premiere. “I think instead of being fashionable, that’s how well-expressive Mun-yeong is, she knows exactly what she wants.”

In fact, Mun-yeong’s ever-changing wardrobe seems to be a mirror of her state of mind — power dressing in black when her guard is up, and twirling around in her floral dress because she feels safe with her new family.

Keep scrolling to check out some of the looks we'd happily pinch from her wardrobe: 

1597370726339872 my 1
1597371815691780 fireshot capture 636 love doramas on instagram  kdrama dramapsychobutltsok
1597372110221816 cecilie bahnsen
1597372073051542 miu miu
Dress, MIU MIU. Earrings, BULGARI.
1597372295626593 peter do
Blazer and Dress, PETER DO.
1597370727720780 my 9
Dress, MINJU KIM. Hat, SHINJEO. Earrings, BULGARI.
1597370727971071 my 6 a
Blouse and Skirt, CELINE. Ring and Earrings, CHANEL. Bag, DIOR.
1597370728291149 my 7
Blouse, Knitted Vest, Skirt, Bag, and Earrings, LOUIS VUITTON.
1597370728538657 img 4369
Blouse, Jacket and Earrings, CELINE.
1597370728744897 my 10
Dress, CHANEL.
1597372802839291 prada
Shirt Dress, PRADA. Ring, Bracelet, and Watch, PIAGET.

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