Versace Spring/Summer 2019

The strong and dominant Versace woman is reflected in a slightly cheerful, fully maximalized form this season.
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Skin is always in, according to Donatella Versace. At the very least, that’s what she set out to declare for the lavish Italian house in their latest collection. Abbreviated hemlines, sheer tops over sheer-er dresses, flowing silk skirts and high-slit evening wear gowns made it one of the leggiest collections of Milan Fashion Week so far.

Versace also held back on the Midas touch, opting for neon colors and power-clashing plaids as opposed to the brand’s classic Barocco prints and branded embellishments. Colors and materials did all the talking: think skin-tight leathers, PVC beach totes, and ultra-flared pants.

And it wouldn’t be a Versace show without a supermodel lineup: as opposed to going vintage in their roster, black silk eveningwear dresses were rolled out successively by none other than brand favourites Irina Shayk, Kendall Jenner, and Emily Ratajkowski. Versace’s point of view couldn’t be clearer: more will always be more.




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