The Anatomy of Romance at Prada Fall/Winter 2019

Romance, fear and Mary Shelly's iconic Gothic novel Frankenstein were all key themes at Prada's FW19 show.
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Romance, romance. Romance as a literary and artistic activity, and romance as a human experience. Both emphasize emotion and individualism, feelings and reactions against the rational. A tension, between nature and civilization. The Prada Fall/Winter 2019 collection is an ideological and emotional exploration of the anatomy of romance.

This season, Miuccia played with opposites: different dichotomies, dualities of materials and natural and artificial techniques. It suggested a meeting of two lovers, two halves to one whole — a traditional romance underlined by an abstraction of archetypal and direct symbols. There were also simple and traditional gestures of love: scattered flowers, the heart, the veil of lace, a bow and a ray like a blow of fire.

This collection is a reaction and a reflection of humanity, our strengths and weaknesses. The feeling of contemporary romance embraces the fantastic as an alternative to reality: a dream to be lived. A desperate romantic, a romantic perspective, a fairy tale with a happy ending. Romance, as Mrs. Prada believes, can be an antidote against the difficulties of our time.

See the full collection below:



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