Max Mara Fall 2019

So luxurious!
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True, for many people, luxury can be a difficult topic - especially today, when the debate about fashion and feminism often pushes luxury to the margins of the conversation. Currently, the general discourse revolves around fashion and its ability to give women inner strength, but how does it really work?

Max Mara says that the garment should allow a woman to shine. Luxury (not necessarily linked to price, more to elegance) is the secret ingredient that can give a woman this sense of power. Luxury is even more than fashion—it is what brings the woman's personality forward.

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The Max Mara woman is well aware of the rules of luxury and adjusts them meet her needs; becoming sharper, wiser, and even more intriguing, and the elegance of this collection is easily translated into fashion language: the silhouettes have a strong shoulder line, the outerwear feels more spacious while what's layered underneath hugs the body tighter. Skirts are cut a bit like men's trousers—they barely reach the knees or touch the ankle—and they are styled with polo sweaters.

The textiles for the collection include alpaca and camel wool, cashmere and leather, tweed, zebra and crocodile skin imitations. The new jacket is made of big down feathers and warm camel wool. Essential colors featured in the pieces include beige, black, white and tinted leather, and the looks are complemented by classic vests, jackets, and skirts with uniform zippers and roomy pockets. Finally, the entire collection is decorated with archive fashion house accessories. 

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The collection's inspiration came from the late twentieth century, and the decades of famous supermodels stepping on the "Max Mara podium." Classic teddy coats painted in bright blue or yellow? Why not? After all, every winter needs bright moments when everything else feels so gray.

American writer Roxane Gay has said that she has "never been good at dressing like a woman... I felt out of place because I was not dressing—and did not want to dress—like a woman in the expected sense." Max Mara defies this by using their clothes to say that there is no one correct way to dress like a woman, that instead, it's about what makes you feel confident, elegant and luxurious.

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Max Mara 2019-2020 autumn and winter


Pictures of the fashion house MAX MARA

Makeup: Tom Pecheux and the MAC PRO team

Hairstyles: Sam McKnight from Premier, using Hair by Sam McKnight



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