Victoria Beckham Fall 2019

Faithful to its multi-faceted vision of the modern woman, Victoria Beckham designed a functional collection, that fits somewhere between formal and avant-garde.
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A far cry from her Posh Spice persona, Victoria Beckham is making a name for herself in the fashion world with the premiere of her Fall 2019 collection at Piccadilly Circus for London Fashion Week.  The collection donned such trends as the recently resurged popularity of 70s silhouettes, eye-catching colors, and unlaborious clothing.

Perhaps the singer-turned-designer’s greatest feat was the seamless blending of high fashion looks with unbridled practicality.  In an age when the validity of high-end fashion is constantly under scrutiny, as well as the artistic credibility of the people who work in the fashion industry, Beckham’s collection, and the designer herself were no exception.  Although the fall 2019 collection was under close surveillance, it received all the praise it was worth.

"Our woman tells a story through each of the looks. She's proper but she's definitely not prim. You can feel a sense of her life through the clothes that she wears," Beckham said of her brand.

The collection’s debut was accompanied by the entirety of the Beckham clan, including the youngest member, Harper, who was snapped displaying the same iconic haircut as longtime Vogue editor in chief and real life Miranda Priestly, Anna Wintour.  The photo has since gone viral and has sparked more enthusiasm for Beckham’s line.

Victoria Beckham proved that the Internet not only knows best, but also knows first this past week as she announced the launch of her beauty line, Victoria Beckham Beauty, adorning the hashtag #VBBeauty.  For inquiring fans, Beckham added, “For all of you asking #VBBeauty ill be cruelty free, inclusive for all skin tones, and available at an accessible luxury price-point.” Sold.


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