SK-II Sparks Conversation with Its “Meet Me Halfway” Campaign

Under the brand’s #ChangeDestiny initiative, SK-II’s latest film addresses the topic of marriage pressure.
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Following its 2016’s award-winning short-film “Marriage Market Takeover” and 2017’s “The Expiry Date”, Japanese skincare brand SK-II stirs hearts once again with its third instalment “Meet Me Halfway” under its #ChangeDestiny initiative.  

As cultures and attitudes start to change in the modern world, many young, single Chinese women are struggling with the dilemma of chasing their dreams and aspirations, while having to live up to their parents’ expectations. Though Chinese New Year is about celebrating reunions, many single women distance themselves from home to avoid overbearing questions related to marriage.

In “Meet Me Halfway”, SK-II shares the life stories of three single Chinese women who face marriage pressures. The film starts with a dialogue between the parent and child, sharing the emotional turmoil of each woman and insights from parents. With a touching letter, the ladies invite their parents on a journey to meet halfway, metaphorically and physically, to seek mutual understanding.

“We want to tell women worldwide - Destiny can change, when you have the courage to take the first step to meet halfway. We hope the stories of these three brave women can inspire other women to take the first step, start a conversation with their facilities about marriage pressure and in the process, empower them to live life on their own terms and shape their own destinies”. - Sandeep Seth, Vice-president, Global SK-II

The film has since created heartfelt conversations, encouraging netizens to voice out their own experiences. Watch the documentary film below. 

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SK-II: Meet Me Halfway



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