Pharrell Williams Divulges His Age-Defying Secrets Via A New Skincare Line

Dubbed Humanrace, the multi-hyphenate’s genderless, vegan and clean beauty brand drops later this month with three hero products
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Photo via Instagram / @pharrell

It’s a query that has intrigued countless minds over the years: What on earth is the secret behind Pharrell Williams’ age-defying, blemish-free complexion? At 47 years old (seriously), the music legend still looks so fresh-faced and youthful, there’s an ongoing conspiracy theory floating around on the internet that speculates he’s a vampire in disguise (for the record, Pharrell categorically denies the rumour). Besides admitting that he drinks lots of water, washes his face with cold water and Cetaphil, and exfoliates “like a madman”, Pharrell has remained tight-lipped about his beauty tips and tricks.

Until now, that is. The singer/rapper/producer/designer/entrepreneur is adding another dash to his multi-hyphenate designation, launching an all-new skincare line called Humanrace.

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Photo via Twitter / @humanrace

The genderless, vegan and clean beauty brand is the culmination of the star’s “20 years of skincare experience and education”. Developed in close partnership with Pharrell’s longtime dermatologist, Dr. Elena Jones, Humanrace is slated to debut on November 25 with three essential products: Rice Powder Cleanser, a foaming wash that contains micronized rice powder and fruit-derived AHAs; Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator, which uses glycolic acid to gently exfoliate and regenerate skin; and Humidifying Cream, with snow mushroom extract and squalene to boost hydration.

“It’s created to take three minutes morning and night,” explains Pharrell of his recommended skincare routine. “Your face is the result of the spirit behind it, [and] it’s important to take care of your skin and to also take time for yourself each day.”

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Photo via Twitter / @humanrace

With inclusivity and sustainability at the heart of Humanrace, the range is created for all skin types and genders, while the packaging of each product is made with 50 per cent post-consumer recycled landfill plastic and also features braille for those with visual impairments.

“Humanrace Skincare doesn’t differentiate by race or gender,” says Pharrell. “We’re creating for human; we are all born in the same skin.”

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Photo via Instagram / @pharrell

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