Review: Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss

Chanel's revamped Rouge Coco Glosses are a beautiful, shiny example that lip glosses aren't yet démodé.
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Chanel has made it almost too easy to reconsider lip gloss this year. This is one of those makeup product categories (like loose powder, but we'll get to that soon) that calls to mind grandma. Lip gloss, as you might have guessed, has fallen a little out of favour since matte lips took ahold of the beauty world's imaginations. 

Well, this is 2017 and we're casting it all behind us. This year, we're advocates of lips in all textures and finishes – matte, shiny, velvety, powdery, slick, etc. Chanel has rereleased its line of lip glosses – which were fantastic to begin with. On nearly all photoshoots that call for a glossy lid or lip, Chanels were the common product to the rescue.

This year, the brand is relaunching and renaming their line of glosses Rouge Coco Gloss. The difference is minimal, so treat this as an update to a classic rather than a reinvention. The tube is ever so slightly sharper and closer to a sharp corner than its predecessor which, while subtle, does loads to make it look modern.

Then there's the product itself. The shade range, for starters, is fabulous. 27 colours ranging mauvey nudes, pinks, oranges and reds are present. Our favourites are the classics that Chanel does best – 762 Heart Beat is a deep pink that leans red and 766 Caractère which is a deep bordeaux. 

Its gel-like finish is boosted with natural waxes of jojoba, sunflower, mimosa, and a natural coconut oil derivative.

They wear beautifully and can be dabbed on and rubbed in for a more diffused and subtle sheen or piled on with precision for an almost reflective pout. Most shades come without shimmer pigments and allow their film formers and translucent glass beads to bring the shine. The few that do have shimmer, however, are selected exceedingly well and wear very flatteringly.

While you can definitely feel it on the lips, it's far from drying. Another bonus: Chanel's included a volumizing peptide that has the benefit of plumping lips. 

Available from 24 February at all Chanel beauty boutiques and from 3 March at all Chanel beauty counters.



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