Review: Kiehl's Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque

Formulated with the busy multi-hyphenate in mind, the Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque is the perfect addition to their skincare routine without compromising their need for haste.
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What is it about cult favourite products that earn them their cult status? For Kiehl's Calendula collection, it's a no-brainer. Preceded by the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner – a fan favourite which launched back in the 1960s – and Foaming Face Wash, the latest and third addition to the collection is the Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque. And just like its predecessors, this magic-formula-in-a-bottle is well on its way to earning its very own cult status.

The lowdown

Infused with handpicked calendula flower petals and aloe vera, the masque is touted to be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Calendula, in particular, is widely used as a medicinal herb and has always been known for their healing and soothing properties. While effectively harnessing the benefits of calendula, chamomile and lemon essential oils were added to the masque give it that comforting yet fresh aroma. Need a quick perk-me-up? The masque is a simple addition to any skincare routine, requiring only five minutes (up to three times a week) for the ingredients to penetrate the skin and revitalise your overworked visage. 


Our take

As an individual with blemished and sensitive skin, searching for the Holy Grail (ie. products that don't irritate and dry out the skin) is no easy feat. That's where Kiehl's Calendula collection came into the picture. 

For starters, I prepped my skin with the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner with the Soothing Hydration Masque, which did an effective job of clearing out any remnants of sebum, dirt and makeup, in addition to enhancing the masque's absorption into my skin. Bonus points: as it is alcohol-free, the toner did not dry out or aggravate any redness in my skin.

Upon application, the Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque felt cool to the touch, with the calendula's healing effect slightly alleviating the redness of my blemishes and acne. The masque certainly lived up to its name: only five minutes of application time was needed – my skin immediately felt hydrated and moisturised afterwards. Not only did does it promise an instant pick-me-up for all skin types, the Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque also makes a simple, yet effective addition to any skincare regime.

Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque ($62) is available at all Kiehl’s stores, Robinsons Raffles City, and TANGS Orchard.

How to Apply Kiehl's NEW Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque



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