Beauty at Home: Face Rollers And How To Use Them

Its benefits include smoothing fine lines, reducing dark circles and bags, brightening the skin and even reducing stress.
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See those fancy jade rollers all over your Instagram feed? They aren’t just pretty to look at, but are known to reduce puffiness, remove toxins for skin, reduce fine lines, decrease dark circles and under-eye bags and reduce tension and stress, which improves your general wellbeing.

But these facial tools are nothing new -- they’ve been used to massage the skin since the 17th century in China, thanks to its myriad of benefits. Chinese culture also points to the mystical power of renewal, healing, wisdom and peace that comes with these semi-precious stones.

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The most common of face rollers come in rose quartz or jade, each with its own individual benefits. “Rose Quartz has manganese in its composition, an element that works to restore the skin, working to improve circulation and giving the skin luminosity” explains Dr. Karla Lessa, dermatologist and Brazilian beauty influencer.

“Jade stone is refreshing and non-porous, and does not retain bacteria. As it is also a calming stone, it is believed to help relieve tension in the face ", adds the doctor. Plus, the stones stay naturally cold, even in weathers as hot as Singapore, so rolling in the morning helps to get your circulation going and calm inflammation and redness.

The ideal way to use the facial tool is once a day. Scroll ahead to get tips from Dr. Karla to get the best results with this facial tool:

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Tip 1: Start facial rolling around the middle of your face, across your the neck, to help promote lymphatic flow. 


Tip 2: For areas such as the eyes, temples, jaws and cheeks, roll from inside out. For the forehead, roll in the middle upwards direction.


Tip 3: Always roll upwards and in one direction, and never roll up and down. This will help promote lymphatic drainage.


Tip 4: Don't forget skin areas around the lips and neck, which are prone prone to show signs of ageing.


Tip 5: After use, remember to keep the roller clean with mild soap and warm water.

Extra pro tip? Keep your rollers chilled in the fridge before use. Using an extra cold tool helps to tighten your pores and a great way to wake up a weary face at the start, or even at the end of a long day.  

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