Ecooking - The Power of Naturalness and Simplicity

The success of the Danish vegan cosmetics brand Ecooking is similar to the Cinderella story -an unexpected success, making its mark in the competitive beauty world. Ecooking creator, chief chemist, designer and brand face Tina Segorda takes us behind the scenes of her kitchen in a conversation with L'officiel Baltic.
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Tina Segordi has a Scandinavian reserved style of communication, but her sincerity and openness create a friendly warm atmosphere. Before the first question is asked, the charming lady is quiet: "I have 50 years, and I keep my skin only with my own products." Overall - her countenance very harmonious, with a robust, healthy glow and just noticeable wrinkles. Tina tries to do everything herself, and when she came to Latvia, she came to Riga to show and tell how to make very effective beauty products for her own hands. There is no company secret or secret formula - the simple but at the same time, effective beauty products are created using 100% natural nature & organic ingredients. Currently, the brand offers its products in 23 countries as well as popular websites.

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What prompted you to start a business in the area where huge sums are invested, so that the world's best scientists create beauty miracles in the most advanced laboratories?

My life and experience is an illustration of the saying - no harm without good. What happened to thousands of families around the world happened to me. I divorced my husband and everyone who has gone through a divorce knows how traumatic it is. Some overcome it more peacefully, while others get close to the collapse of the nerves. I failed to hide my experiences - I quickly lost weight, the skin began to dry out, get worn out and get older every day faster. It seemed to me that I was looking worse for wear, so it was high time to look in a mirror and take action.

Other women would have gone to a dermatologist or beautician. But you decided to create your own skin!

Although I'm a graphic designer by profession, I have been working in a cosmetics company for a long time, where I was able to get acquainted with the production process and basic principles of skin care, as well as to where to order my raw materials.

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Knowing how polluted the environment is and what food we use, I had no doubt about the choice of raw materials - just nature & organic. So I started - literally - to cook my first creams and face masks. From the word ecologic and cooking also the brand name Ecooking has emerged.

What are the principles that characterize your cosmetics?

One of the basic rules is the moisturizing of the skin and the choice of tools that correspond to the specificities and needs of each individual skin type at a given moment. Knowing how polluted the environment is and the kind of food we consume, I had no doubt about the choice of raw materials - just natural & organic . So I started - literally - cooking my first creams and face masks. All our products are vegan, except lip balms - they contain beeswax.

Now veganism is almost a fashion thing. Hundreds of beauty brands use similar products but have not come close to such success. What is your success formula?

My products are not created by the idea of offering a new or striking cosmetic on the market, but how to help prevent specific facial skin imperfections, improve skin quality and appearance. At first, I tested everything and perfected it myself, after a while friends and acquaintances became involved - after seeing the result, I started to order my production. I made them creams and serums, and their suggestions encouraged me to improvise and look for something new. At some point, I realized that everything was going to expand to such an extent that I had to think about my brand. Although production is currently taking place in a small plant in Denmark, the handicraft is still being preserved.

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Beauty products that claim to be an ecologically clean, natural niche are mostly expensive. The price of Ecooking products is very friendly.

You currently offer more than 40 beauty products. Please describe them!

As I have already mentioned, only natural & organic extracts are used. One hundred percent natural oils, minerals, and antioxidants combined with top quality peptides and vitamins. The effective complex deeply absorbs into the skin by feeding and regenerating it. The products do not contain parabens and other adjuvants that could harm the human body and skin. The skincare line includes day and night creams, serums, masks, hand, and lip care products.

The design of your brand seems to be somewhat medium between the design of a reserved pharmacy and aesthetic niche brand. How was it created?

I created a design that expresses the essence of Ecooking. The design is simple, and the information on the composition is on the front and is legible - the person immediately understands the purpose of the product and the expected result. We always offer product testers so people can try and see the effects for themselves. Most also return to the store to buy full-size products.

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Sounds simple!

In my opinion, the price is also very important. As you will have noticed, beauty products that claim to be an ecologically clean, natural niche are mostly expensive. By contrast, the price of Ecooking products is very wallet friendly.

Probably people also like your story - from despair to great success?

I think I have managed to convince women - that every handmade product is created to take care of their senses and their desire to be naturally attractive. The same goes for men.


Ecooking brand cosmetics can be found in shops in Douglas

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