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Have a luxury bespoke fragrance designed, developed and bottled in France in just 2 to 3 months
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Customisation has been the perfume trend du jour but for French fragrance atelier Parfums Henry Jacques, it’s a well-honed craft backed by over 40 years of know-how.

It all started with an encounter. Founder Henry Jacques Cremona had met with one of the last great noses of the old French perfume tradition and was inspired to set up his own perfume house in 1975. Cremona was a stickler for rarity and perfection and often travelled the world to source for the best ingredients for his exquisite fragrance creations. These fragrances were all made-to-order at the request of his discerning clients, and for 40 years every single perfume from the atelier was bespoke.

It was only three years ago that Henry Cremona’s daughter Anne-Lise Cremona introduced a permanent line of “commercial” fragrances on the shelves. In addition to this, the brand has always stuck to its roots and continues to custom-make fragrances with the same rich expertise and skill. But while these used to mainly be available to royalty and the elite, all it takes now is to set up an appointment for the bespoke perfumery service, then embark on a journey toward the perfect fragrance.


Step 1: Consultation

The bespoke fragrance journey begins within the comforts of the Henry Jacques boutique. In Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands boutique looks and feels just like a chic Parisian apartment. Customers sit down with a trained Henry Jacques sales ambassador to figure out the kind of scent they want based on a range of questions, and the HJ Bespoke Tray – a collection of notes and fragrances designed to reveal one’s tastes and desires. Preferences, including price range, are defined and a personality map is created and sent to the Henry Jacques laboratory in the South of France.


Step 2: Formulation and Creation

Inside the laboratory, a committee of in-house perfumers formulates three perfumes based on the personality map and according to Henry Jacques tradition.

With over 3,000 formulas from the best natural ingredients at their fingertips, this is a quick and smooth process.



Step 3: Validation

Within two months, the president of Parfums Henry Jacques, Anne-Lise Cremona herself will validate the three fragrances before they are sent to the client.


Step 4: Unveiling

Most of the time, clients find their dream perfume in one of these first three samples they receive. But if not, the house works with their feedback until the client is completely satisfied with the scent.



Step 5: Final Touches

After the client has decided on a scent, they can name it, personalise it in various ways, add accessories and even have it made in other forms like essences, mists and solids.

Step 6: Conception and Delivery

Once all the details are finalised, the perfume is made, packed and delivered to the client. The bespoke perfume will be exclusive for two years, after which the client can extend this in periods of two years every time they place a new order.


Step 7: HJ Club

At the end of the bespoke fragrance journey, the client officially becomes a part of Henry Jacques history as they are automatically inducted into the HJ Club. This gives the client access to a dedicated channel of communication where they enjoy the finest care and attention.

Visit Parfums Henry Jacques at 1, Bayfront Avenue. Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 01-08A. Singapore 018971.



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