Coloured Mascara Is Back: Get Inspired By These Looks Now

Because why not?
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For the longest time, the most popular look in the makeup world is black mascara. And why not? It's incredibly versatile and well suired for any occasion. We don't know about you, but we love a pop of colour that goes on anywhere. And with the bottom half of our faces covered in face masks (as it should during a pandemic!), that leaves plenty more room to play with around our eyes. 

Enter the coloured mascara. It gives you an unexpected pop of colour to your look, and comes in different colours  - pink, green, purple, various shades of blue or pastel - to choose from.  

How to make this look work

Pay attention to the colour of your mascara. Purple and green shades are especially suited for brown eyes, pink - for blue, and for those with green eyes, purple and pink.

If you are going to paint your lashes with coloured mascara, do it precisely. When the eyes are highlighted with coloured mascara, lumps of mascara or the skin or smudges can be seen quite clearly.

If you not only highlight the eyes with colored mascara, but also with eyeshadow and eyeliner, think about colour theory. You can choose mascara and contour of the same colour - both in the same shade of blue or purple. You can also paint in contrast - pink contour and blue mascara or blue contour and orange mascara. The classic variant is a black eyeliner that is well suited for any mascara colour. 

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Check out some of our picks for coloured mascara below:

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