The Best Way To Use Your Eyelash Curler For Bambi Eyes

Here are five simple tips to really use the eyelash curler for maximum results.
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With masks becoming a mainstay to our lives, our eyes have become one area that will likely garner the most attention. And if the eyes are the windows to our soul, then our lashes are like the blinds that can really open them up to give off the best view.

Enter the humble eyelash curler, which has remained one of the best and simplest tools to get beautifully curled lashes, and a tool used by the best of makeup artists.

But are you using your eyelash curler to its maximum potential? Although its use seems a little complicated, we guarantee that it is not.

We took to the expert advice of leading esthetician Luzia Costa - founder of Sóbrancelhas (Translation: Eyebrows Intention) in Brazil, who holds over 10 years of experience in makeup and beauty, to give us five simple tips to really use the eyelash curler for maximum results.

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1. Choose your tools wisely

Believe me, they are not all the same! Choosing a model that is as compatible as possible with the shape of your eyes can avoid unwanted pinches on your eyelid when  in use. This also ensures that all of your lashes, even the tiny ones in the outer corners, get into the curler.

 At makeup stores, you can ask for help to choose the ideal eyelash curler.

2.  Clamp it right

Once you've chosen the right tool, here's how to use it right. Get it as close to your lash line as possible, without clamping on your skin. Press down hard, and pulse once or twice. 

Also make sure to bend the curler slightly upward, towards your forehead, and hold it for a few seconds. The combined pressure and lifting motion will give you that desired curl that you are looking for.

Unclamp, and repeat the process once or twice more along the different lengths of your lashes.

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3. The mirror will be your best friend

A good and practical tip is to place the mirror under your face, at chest level. This lets you better observe the process from all angles, and will help you to better position your curlers towards your eyes, making your job easier.

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4. Clean lashes before, apply mascara after

Cleaning your lashes before curling is an important step. Simply take some micellar water or eye makeup remover and swipe it all over your eye area. This removes residue from natural oils on your lashes, which lets you get the best curls possible.

And be sure to use a mascara straight after curling, which will really maximise the effects of the eyelash curler. 

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5.  Consider heating your curler with a hairdryer - but be safe! 

Many people heat the curler with a hairdryer to have an even longer, lasting effect and more defined curls. This method uses temperature to mold lashes into a curved shape, similar to other battery-powered heated curls.

But be careful! Overheating can burn your skin and even damage your lashes, which results in hair loss. Make sure your curler isn't scalding hot, and only slightly warm to the touch.

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