The Life-Changing Secret to Great Skin? Codage.

The Parisian beauty house proves that beauty isn’t only skin deep with its holistic and all-rounded approach towards skincare
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It wouldn’t be uncommon to walk into a French pharmacy and see customers having lengthy discussions with someone behind the counter before anything is dispensed and bagged. Understanding a customer’s needs and way of life is at the heart of French beauty brand Codage, which was founded by siblings Amandine and Julien Azencott (left) who come from a family of medical and pharmaceutical professionals. Having gathered an arsenal of about 100 top-of-the-line active ingredients, they offer apothecary-style serums made on-the-spot for customers – each bespoke formula coded to not only nourish and beautify, but treat the customer’s specific skin concerns.

Escentials carries Codage’s collection of “prêt-a-porter” serums that each marrying a blend of two or three active ingredients that solve different skin issues, as well as an assembly of cleansers, masks and creams with the same clean, natural formulations that eschew parabens and other known allergens and toxics.

Julien tells us more.

What made you want to take that leap of faith to become a beauty entrepreneur?  

I began my career in the beauty industry under the Consumer Group Division of L’Oreal in France. While it’s a beautiful world of work and innovation, I felt disconnected from the products – I was just thinking about the consumer and how to sell it to them. I wanted to go back to a level of exclusivity and confidentiality, so that you can refocus on what luxury is, which is all about the products and the service behind it, and not so much about the marketing. I wanted to spend all my energy in creating something that I believed in, and both Amandine and I had this moment of realisation – the desire and strong conviction to create something the right way. 


Tell us about Codage’s three-step skincare routine. 

Prepare, nourish, moisturise. To nourish the skin you need to remove impurities, makeup, pollutants and dead cells. It’s daily cleansing and toning, weekly or bi-weekly exfoliating and mask. Then, you nourish and act. Apply a serum to the face – we always like to start with the eye contours – and massage it till it’s absorbed. And as you’re still losing water all day long, you will need to reestablish a protective shield to prevent water loss and environmental damage, and that is the protective third step: moisturising. 

"Listen to your skin, know your skin and treat it properly every day."

Your favourite product from your line? 

I try to always have my No 3 Radiance and Energy Serum with me. This helps support that healthy radiant look. It’s great. I don’t wear makeup, I travel a lot and I do interviews, but I want to look good and awake even if I’m not always feeling it. 


What is your number one skincare tip for everyone out there? 

Listen to your skin, know your skin and treat it properly every day. Don’t leave it to your dermatologist.


What has been the most interesting testimonial or feedback you have received so far? 

“You changed my life.” I have multiple people telling me that. We’ve had customers who felt that they were ugly and had low self-esteem because they suffered from serious skin issues like acne, psoriasis, inflammation and redness, but after using our serums, their skin felt comfortable again and it looks good. It’s a life-changer. 

This article first appeared in the August 2017 issue of L'Officiel Singapore (out now on newsstands and Magzter).



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