Bella Donna: Vittoria Ceretti Talks Bottega Veneta's Illusione

The muse of Bottega Veneta's Illusione fragrance shares her thoughts on true beauty
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How would you describe the Bottega Veneta woman?

Sensual and sunny. A woman of the summer, "estiva", as we say in Italian.



What is your daily beauty routine?
I start and end my day by washing my face with a soft cleanser, followed by a good moisturiser. A well-hydrated skin is my secret weapon. In the evening, I stick to the bare minimum with just mascara and a red lipstick.



What is your "Madeleine of Proust"?
The smell of olive trees, which reminds me of the summers of my childhood spent near Lake Garda.



Who inspires you when it comes to beauty?

I am particularly sensitive to beauty that radiates from the inside out. That's what my mother is like - her inner beauty shines through in all she does. 



Which beauty trend would you like to try?

Maybe another tattoo. Can we call that a beauty trend?



One thing you'll never do again?

Bleach my eyebrows! Bleached eyebrows are interesting for a shoot or a show, but certainly not for the everyday. 



Your favorite spot for a day of pampering?

I'm a fan of the Chanel spa at the Ritz in Paris. I love their products!



The beauty tip you've learned from a pro?

Don't share all my beauty secrets!




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