Jacques Of All Trades: The Les Brumes Collection From Henry Jacques

The French perfume maker has introduced a lighter counterpart to its signature scents in the Les Brumes line of fragrances
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If you know, you know. Such is the allure of Parfums Henry Jacques. Although the fragrance atelier was founded almost half a century ago by Henry Jacques Cremona, for years it remained the reserve of a select circle of royalty and elites. Only recently did the atelier open doors to the world, extending its presence outside of France and moving beyond bespoke services to launch a permanent collection of 50 unparalleled fragrances, known as Les Classiques.

Now, the maison has introduced a fresh way of wearing these signature scents in the new Les Brumes collection. The word ‘brume’ means ‘mist’ in French, and such is the effect the collection evokes. While Les Classiques are pure essences, Les Brumes are lighter and brighter expressions of the same scents, a more casual way of approaching the haute parfumerie tradition. Lighter doesn’t mean watered down though, since the fragrances still possess the strong heart that’s the hallmark of a Henry Jacques creation. And the new flacon is just as distinctive as the perfume it houses, with an innovative top that shifts seamlessly from spray to splash.

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The first 20 fragrances of Les Brumes are available at Henry Jacques stores worldwide, and in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands boutique. 

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