Beauty Highlights at Kenzo La Collection Memento Fall/Winter 2018

This season, Kenzo dolled its models up in beauty looks that mirrored their clothes. We list down three standout details from the show.
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Art-inspired nails

First things first: what was on the moodboard for Kenzo's La Collection Memento No. 3? This season, the fashion house was inspired by a Henri Rousseau masterpiece known as "The Dream". The surreal painting by the French post-impressionist artist popped up everywhere, from jacquard knits to bum bugs — but that's not all.

Just for the show, Kenzo had the painting recreated on the models' nails, of all places. Of course, the miniscule version featured only a portion of the painting — and perhaps the cheekiest part of it at that — but it did leave us wondering: Why didn't we think of that before? Right there is a beauty trick that doubles as both a unique conversation starter and a bold expression of your personality (or your art taste, at least).


Here's a fact: Kenzo loves colour. It's splashed everywhere from its campaigns to its collections. Their Spring / Summer 2018 show was a medley of patterns, all in brightly contrasting shades of blue, red and yellow.

This season was no different. At the show, Kenzo presented blue dresses, orange sweaters, red boots and everything else in between. As for the makeup, Kenzo took a similar approach. Models had on simple, almost au naturel looks that were accentuated by a single pop of colour around their eyes. And no, they didn't play it safe with pinks or browns. We're talking bold, playful eyeshadow colours: think blue and yellow.  

Recreating the look is a no-brainer — you just have to be adventurous enough to explore your eyeshadow palettes.

Striped nails

Besides the jungle-themed jacquard knits, another highlight of the Kenzo collection were the stripes. Inspired by vintage pieces dug up from the brand's archives, the show featured striped sweaters, pants, skirts — and nails.

While the models at Kenzo flaunted horizontal lines in black and white, the pattern allows for endless combinations of colours and styles, making it perfect for those who can never stick with a single design for long. Just switch things up whenever you want to match the season, your hair or your mood. 


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