Aerin Lauder: “A Scent Can Change a Mood”

Aerin Lauder, the scion to her grandmother Estée’s empire, has launched a new fragrance under her eponymous brand. She presents Éclat de Vert, her latest perfume.
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Aerin Lauder worked in the family business for more than two decades and in recent years founded her eponymous luxury lifestyle label within the Estee Lauder group.

Her latest fragrance, Éclat de Vert, pays tribute to the south of France and is reminiscent of "the light that filters through the tops of trees and the beauty of the Côte d'Azur.” We speak to her in Paris about the latest instalment of her fragrance collection.

Where does the inspiration from Éclat de vert come from?

Aerin Lauder: This very green and very fresh perfume was inspired by my memories of the south of France, where my grandmother often went.

Original, green fragrances make up a wonderful family, but are much less popular than floral ones.

My grandmother launched Aliage in 1972. It was a green, chypre floral fragrance. A beautiful scent that was very unique but not commercial. Our collection does not have to be commercial.

What are its characteristics of this perfume composed by Honorine Blanc at Firmenich?

A combination of lentisque and galbanum were used for the green facet, which was the starting point for this fragrance. For its fresh and citrusy heart, we used magnolia and lily.

Today the perfume trend is for gourmands.

Yes, currently, with fruity smells, these are the most popular ones. Hibiscus Palm, with coconut, is our interpretation of this trend.

Your favourite perfumes?

Rose de Grasse and Mediterranean Honeysuckle. And, outside the house, Diorissimo was the first fragrance I discovered when I was a teenager.

And perfumes that you do not like?

I do not like leather odours, and I do not appreciate male scents too much. I do not think I could deal with a masculine scent, Aerin is a really feminine brand.

How do you divide your work between Estée Lauder and Aerin?

Today, Aerin occupies 80 percent of my time, but I remain very involved with Estée Lauder and its campaigns as well as new launches. We are present in fifty-three countries, it takes me a lot of time.

You have chosen to give your name to your brand.

We had different names and finally chose Aerin. I wanted to give advice and share my beauty essentials and this was an opportunity to do it. I wanted a modern and feminine concept.

What are your favourite products?

I like perfumes and creams. A scent can change a mood, it's something very interesting.

Your brand is not limited today to beauty alone.

We started by creating beauty, then the style spread to fabrics, bags, and a whole world around the house.

What do you consider most important in your life?

The most important thing are my children, my two boys. When I was developing the Private Collection with Tuberose, a teacher called me to tell me that one of my sons smelt very good every day. It was my Tuberose Gardenia fragrance. Today, this story makes us laugh.

You are very active on Instagram.

I like Instagram, it relaxes me. My youngest son thinks I'm posting too much, and too much flowers. I like to discover things. I am interested in the power of the digital age, even if it is also dangerous. My Instagram is really professional, I do not mix it with my family life.

What are your favourite flowers?

I love lily of the valley and gardenia. I have a garden with lots of flowers, roses, dahlias, peonies, but no vegetables!

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