9 Beauty Trends to Try for Spring/Summer 2019

In need of a new look for Spring? Be inspired by some of the most exciting beauty trends spotted on the runway.
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Bare It All

Natural make-up continues to conquer the catwalks and remains one of the biggest trends of the last few weeks of fashion. The fashion industry is responding to the global trends of inclusion, tolerance and selfacceptance, and the makeup at runway shows refects by seeming practically absent. Pull off the trend with perfectly smooth skin and use natural, fresh colours on your face.

Bushy Brows

This season, thick, fluffy and wide eyebrows take centre stage. Some make-up artists choose to stack them with the help of a gel, while others were left careless and shaggy. Such eyebrows can be accentuated while maintaining the “no makeup” style. However, at some shows, they were distinguished with blue and pink colours. Above all, eyebrows should look natural and unaffected. To achieve this effect, you should grow them and carefully draw the missing hairs.

Arrow Experiments

Makeup artists continue to play with eyeliner, introducing various colors and shapes. The most popular style? Bright, brilliant, graphic and wide. The easiest option is to use a colour eyeliner as on the Yohji Yamamoto show. Valentino struck a brighter option: similar to long wings, the arrows extended way past the eyes and were filled with glitter. Dior offers graphic arrows that resemble hieroglyphs, imitating the movements of dancers. Similar thick, clear lines were also seen at the Drome and Rochas shows.

Baby Bangs

Slicked back, wet-looking hair still appeared on the catwalks, but the style is beginning to fade into the background. The open forehead is replaced by bangs, which has become one of the main trends of this spring. It comes in various forms, but it almost always hangs above the eyebrows. Bangs were part of the shows from brands such as Prada and Iris Van Herpen.

Perfect Parting

The hairstyles from the last week of fashion in New York were best remembered for their perfectly even partings. At Ralph Lauren, models' hair was brushed to one side, a style best flaunted by Bella Hadid. Similar variations appeared at the Tom Ford show. A flat, straight parting is best complemented with smooth, flowing hair.

Look-at-me Lashes

Fashion's love for long, fluffy eyelashes is finally back. Designers carefully painted over the upper and lower eyelashes — not only with classic black ink, but also with multi-colored hues like white, blue and green. At the Valentino show, feathers were glued to the eyelashes, while Vivienne Westwood focused on very long false eyelashes.

Braids and Weaving

Braids and weaving were not left aside, thanks to the hairstylists at Prada and Hermès. The key trend this season is taut and unkempt braids. You can call them the opposite of free, romantic braids, which are sometimes woven for weddings.

Dark Nails

Dark manicure tend to be done in the winter, while bright and light colours are preferred closer to the summer. But this year, stylists from brands such as Philipp Plein and Tom Ford are switching things up, proposing that you keep your dark lacquered nails well into spring.

Fresh Freckles

Emphasizing the all-natural look, designers chose not to hide freckles, but rather emphasize them. For example, Val Garland drew freckles on using eyebrow cosmetics. The key to this make-up trend is to keep it as natural as possible and not to overdo it.

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