From Classic To Playful, The Hairstyles From Haute Couture Week To Try Next

From tiaras to soft low ponytails, here are the hairstyles from Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 to add to your repertoire.
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It's officially Haute Couture week and all eyes aren't just on the clothes. With a track record of avant-garde looks, makeup and hairstyles – Spring/Summer 2021 is proving to be no different. Coupled with the flurry of fashion films produced by luxury houses, creative hairstyles, in particular, are taking centre stage. Here, 10 inspiring hairstyles to try the next time you want to feel particularly stylish. 



The Voluminous Poof 

1611732973216688 giambattista valli cabelo
Giambattista Valli (Photo: Disclosure)

For those who are daring, this Giambattista Valli-endorsed style is something to try your hand at. Separating the upper and lower part of your hair, comb the strands in the opposite direction – from bottom to top – to achieve maximum volume. Next, attach a clip-on ponytail for extra length. Use hairspray for ultimate hold. 



The Low Ponytail

1611732972980832 chanel cabelo
Chanel (Photo: Anton Corbijn)

Elegant and easy to pull off, the ponytail is a classic hairstyle that can transform your entire look. The idea is to comb the strands evenly and carefully so that the final result is smooth and glossy. The perfect option for a day at work.

The Tiara 

1611732973727295 dior cabelo 2
Dior (photo: Disclosure)

Incorporating accessories into your hairstyles can elevate your look even further. At Dior, the perfect balance of innocence and elegance is achieved with a smooth centre part and a low bun. Topped off with a tiara, the look serves as both playful and sophisticated.



The Micro Fringe

1611732973971026 dior cabelo 3
Dior (photo: Disclosure)

By the looks of Dior, it looks like the micro fringe is back in the spotlight – this time, with an elegant twist. Couple the blunt cut with a tiara for a touch of finesse. 


Smooth and Long

1611732974225221 valentino 1
Valentino (Photo: Disclosure)

The Valentino fashion show has brought back ultra-long hair. Styled to achieve maximum length, shine and smoothness, nothing says Haute Couture like hair that moves in tandem with a model's walk. 



The Low Bun

1611732974519201 schiaparelli 21611732974781355 schiaparelli 1
Schiaparelli (Photos: Disclosure)

The low bun as seen at the Schiaparelli show is the epitome of no-fuss minimalism. To try it just gather your hair in a low ponytail and secure the bun at the nape of your neck with your own hair – and of course, with the help of some bobby pins. 



The Gelled-Down Parting

1611732975305130 chanel cabelo 3
Chanel (Photo: Disclosure)

Slicked back hair made a return on the Chanel catwalk. Apply a generous layer (without overdoing it) of gel or hairspray that offers a touch of shine and as much hold as possible. 

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