Sophie Turner Shares Never Before Seen Images From Her Pregnancy

After the arrival of little Willa, Sophie Turner gives a little taste of how her journey to maternity was in a series of images depicting domestic bliss.
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Since Sophie Turner 's pregnancy rumours caught the attention of the world, fans of the actress, 24 - as well as those of her husband, singer Joe Jonas, 31 - have been chronicalling every moment of the family's lives. But if there is one thing remarkable about the relationship between the two, it is how discreet they can be at all times in their life - from their wedding ceremony to her pregnancy.


Now, after the arrival of their daughter, little Willa, Sophie Turner has shared never before seen images of her pregnancy with her followers, giving a little taste of how her journey to motherhood was.


From sunny moments by the pool to even comfortable pajamas at the Hotel Bel Air, its impossible not to fall in love with the series of photos that tell a little about this new step in the life of Sophie and Joe.


In another image, you can see Turner's pregnant belly, while she is sitting on a balcony wearing a bikini and sunbathing - just another day of relaxation among the family.


Jonas also shared an image of Sophie's pregnancy, where his wife appeared in the corner of the photo, wearing the hotel's pajamas while he was wearing a face mask. How can we not love this couple?


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