Lily Allen Got Married In Vintage Dior To 'Stranger Things' Actor in Las Vegas

Find out all about the surprise ceremony and the sweet newlyweds.
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Singer Lily Allen and Stranger Things star David Harbour have confirmed rumours of their secret wedding in Las Vegas! The newlyweds each took to their own Instagram accounts with a series of heartwarming photos from their very special day.

There was none of that fanfare typical of celebrity weddings, such as extravagent decor or a beautiful wedding reception and dinner. Instead, the lovebirds opted for a lowkey ceremony and got married at Sin City's iconic Graceland Chapel, which was officiated by none other than an Elvis Presley impersonator. 

The pair had also taken to In-N-Out for their wedding reception, it seems, in a cheeky Instagram post by Allen which shows her enjoying her burger.

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(Photo: Playback / Instagram @lilyallen)

Of course, the choice of location implies a series of fun activities, too. The Elvis Presley impersonator sang for the newlyweds and their two guests: Lily's parents, Marnie and Ethel Allen, who were the only other guests present.

But the wedding was not entirely low budget. The British singer wore a vintage, 1960s-inspired Dior dress worth S$5,662, which comes with a belted waist with buttons around her bodice, which she paired with Miu Miu platforms.

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(Photo: Playback / Instagram @lilyallen)

Although the event came as a surprise to most of us, followers already suspected their engagement in April this year, when Allen posted a photo with a beautiful ring on her ring finger. In addition, they've also made several appearances together. 

On October 28, 2019, they made their relationship official with a photo on David's Instagram. "The prince, the princess and the parking lot". But even before that, the couple had already been spotted in a theater together, according to reports by E!

After that, the two were together in a series of events, making their first public appearance on the red carpet at the Skin Cancer Foundation's Champions for Change Gala. Since then, the couple has also appeared at this year's Dior Men and Sag Awards this year. 

Ahead, check out some of the adorable moments of the couple.



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