Bridgerton's Second Season Contains Subtle References To Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Adjoa Andoh, actress who plays Lady Lady Danbury, on the show Bridgerton, gives some spoilers of what we can expect from the new season.
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Looking forward to the second season of Bridgerton? The series, which won a legion of fans and broke records as " the most watched show on Netflix ", won us over with an engaging, passionate and sensual storyline. If you haven't surrendered yet to the charms of this TV production, the next season is likely to catch your eye, because Adjoa Andoh, the actress who plays Lady Danbury, has revealed that this latest season makes subtle references to what would be the life of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

“I really can’t say too much nor would you expect me to, but I guess what we do know absolutely is that they’re married now. It’s a new married life and they have the baby, so there are all the vagaries of what that is like for young people with a new baby,” Andoh told Entertainment Tonight. “I mean Harry and Meghan, what’s it like when you have a new baby? How does it affect you when [you are] a young couple with a new baby?”

“I just think we’re going to see how Phoebe and Rege’s characters, Daphne and Simon, navigate being in love, very in lust still, but with a new baby in their lives,” Andoh continued. “Having to navigate and negotiate that between each other, between their families and between their wider social circles.”

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Though we don't yet know for certain how much of Markle and Prince Harry's story will be used as inspiration, there's certainly plenty of IRL material from the last couple of months, and even years, for the showrunners to work with. 

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