The Best Is Yet To Come: Virgil Abloh On Louis Vuitton's 2054 Collection

With the launch of the Louis Vuitton 2054 collection, the artistic director of menswear boldly travels into the future and rethinks historical codes of the house
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The 14 pieces of Louis Vuitton 2054 are transformable and multi-functional. Was it a case of "no limits" in terms of design?

From the start, the goal with Louis Vuitton 2054 was to rethink the brand for the future. Starting from the central theme of multi-functionality, we tackled the technical challenges one after the other, making the field of possibilities more concrete and precise. 


Is Louis Vuitton 2054 a link between yesterday and tomorrow for the house? 

It is certain that all creative research starts from what took place upstream. It is only by understanding the past that one is able to bring something new to the present. I found it interesting to start from the fact that Louis Vuitton was originally dedicated to the art of travel in 1854 - and then to imagine what it could be two centuries later. What needs of its customers will it meet in 2054? How will our collective approach to clothing evolve? Performance, transformation, and versatility seemed to me the important things to realise. 

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What was your source of inspiration?

I was strongly inspired by camping equipment, and the need to be able to transform everything, for the ease of transport. 


What type of man is this collection aimed at? 

This capsule is perfect for the luxury outdoor enthusiast. Each piece is produced in response to a specific need. 


There are many icons in this collection: the LV logo in 3D, the Monogram in trompe l'oeil, the zipper in transparent Plexi...

Visual codes remain the most effective way to assert a distinctive DNA, and they differentiate one collection from another in a clear and immediate way. 

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How is this capsule different from others before it?

The idea behind this collection is to refine and sharpen the proposal of clothing and essential accessories as foundations of a wardrobe. Previously, for Pre-Fall 2019, we launched Staples Edition, another full-fledged line. Louis Vuitton 2054 is the continuation of this project: building a collection that covers all areas in the contemporary way of dressing. 


You described this collection as a performance, playing with urban codes and activewear techniques. Is this new at Louis Vuitton?

Not that much, because the idea has always been to stay tuned and in tune with the world around. Today, we live in a time of growing awareness, personal and also global, where everyone seems to want to test their own limits. With more requirements in our way of consuming, we expect products to be efficient, useful, and multi-functional. So much so that the techniques go far beyond the purpose of aesthetics - a coat that can be turned into a tent or an over-shirt that turns into a pillow. The idea might seem extreme but it actually reflects the state of mind of the moment. 

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Would you call this collection a case study?

I am convinced that the future of fashion will involve it surpassing aesthetic considerations. This is why this project is indeed a study. 




First seen in the December/January issue of L'Officiel Hommes Singapore



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