7 Items Personalised By G-Dragon That Show His Exceptional Artistic Talent

It goes to show that Kwon Ji Yong is more than just a K-pop idol
Photo via Instagram / @xxxibgdrgn

One of the most celebrated K-pop idols of all time, Big Bang's G-Dragon (@xxxibgdrgn) is more than just a rapper — he's also a songwriter, producer, fashion icon, and above all, a true artist.

His recent PEACEMINUSONE x Nike collaboration shows yet another brilliant side to him — one that caused waves of excitement around the world.

In celebration of his artistic prowess and incomparable style, we chronicle some of the most stunning personalised fashion items he has created over the years. 

1597804447789352 1
Nike Air Force 1
1597804451172371 2
1597804477282417 3
OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Jordan 1
1597804480450248 4
Dr. Martens
1597804485612357 5
Chanel Gabrielle
1597804490021265 6
Balenciaga Triple S
1597804492907698 7
Credit Card

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