The Hottest Interior Design Items Right Now, According To Instagram

Some of the biggest IG design trends, listed here.
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With events and outdoor activities reaching a standstill this year, we've been spending more and more time at home, perusing social media. It's no secret that the platform is a treasure trove of inspiration, whether its fashion or home decor, and there is no time greater than now where we are able to peep into every stylish person's homes than  with today's social media age. 

So if you're looking for some inspiration to spice up your homes, look no further.  We've spotted some interior design items on our feeds that have really stood out, and spiced up the interiors (and feeds!) in the process. Ahead, check out all the trendiest interior design trends of the moment, as dictated by Instagram. 

The Ultrafragola Mirror - Ettore Sottsass

Designed in 1970 by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass, this wavy-edged, pink and neon lighted mirror debuted at the Eurodumus 3 in Milan later that year. Emblemetic of the 1980s Memphis design movement, it has now witnessed a resurgence in recent years. The six-foot-tall luminous mirror consists of five successive waves which form an undulating effect, and has been spotted in the homes by the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, the apartment of Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière,  Opening Ceremony’s Heather NeuburgerFrank Ocean, and more. 

Love Handles vase - Anissa Kermiche

In addition to her sublime jewellery creations, Parisian designer Anissa Kermiche moulds covetable ceramic vases into celebrated feminine curves. This cheeky vase, in the shape of one's derrière, is aptly titled “ Love Handles” and represents bodies of all shapes and sizes as beautiful objects to be proudly displayed in the middle of the living room. Her pieces are inspired by sculptor Constantin Brancusi, as evident for its curvilinear form, and can be spuced up with flowers or as it is. A consistent bestseller, it certainly makes for a statement in any interior. 

Find it on or Matches Fashion.

The Twist Candle - Lex Pott

Lex Pott is a young Dutch designer whose studio is based in Rotterdam. His creations are both elegant yet eye-catching for its unique designs. The most telling example? These twisted candles double-ended candles which uses the flexibility of wax to offer a dual function of both candle and base. Certainly a modern and graphic creation that's  too good to burn.

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The Togo sofa - Michel Ducaroy

Previously reported as the sofa that is found in every stylish person's living room, the Togo Sofa created by French designer Michel Ducaroy in 1973 is a bestseller of luxury furniture brand Ligne Roset, who has stocked it since its creation. Coming in a slouched shape and quilted polyester upholstery, the sofa lends a sense of ease to any room it sits in, and is celebrated as a true design icon.

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The Hannah candle - Kim Bonam

Designed by New York-based Korean sculptor, Kim Bonam, these 100% eco-friendly beeswax and soy wax blended, unscented candles, Named Hannah Candle, are shaped in the form of the human body.  "In Korean, Hannah means 'one,' for Judaism, heavenly grace, in Arabic it represents happiness, within Japan, a flower, while in Maori, it's the act of glowing. I designed my candle to honor that immanent beauty and humanity," she says.

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