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Uplift Yourself With Van Cleef & Arpel’s Frivole Spring Collection

The collection pays a poetic tribute to the beauty of gardens and the rebirth of nature.
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Like many of us here, we are hoping that the arrival of Spring, the symbol of fresh beginnings and life, will shed some light on our current situation. The Van Cleef & Arpel’s Frivole collection embodies just that, with a collection of eight luminous new creations this year, including a bracelet and two secret watches. 

The Frivole collection is the most well-loved of the French jeweller, which pays homage to the glory of spring. The blooms and charms of the season are expressed via gold, white gold, and rose gold, and polished in such a way that each petal of the flower truly glimmers, with each stone carefully selected and placed in thoughtful intention.

Check out some highlights from the collection, here: 

Bouquets of Light 

The 7-flower bracelet, in its abundance and different-sized corollas, is a celebration of the vitality and diversity of nature. The bangles are mirror polished to accentuate the gleam of the metals, as the heart-shaped petals unfurl around one or two diamonds in magnified brilliance, as if sun-drenched.

And for the first time, these flowers come together to form a secret watch, centering around a dial paved with diamonds. Just like poetry, time is revealed here, surrounded by a spring-like blossom.

Sparkling Flowers

The white gold collection features a new 5-flower bracelet that is the perfect accompaniment to the collection’s 9-flower necklace, as well as a Between the Finger Ring, featuring a three flowers in mirror-polished white gold and a diamond paved flower, with its asymmetric nature adding a sense of dynamism to the piece, not unlike the vivacity of nature in Spring.

Precious Metamorphosis

Transformable creations take center stage here again with two new pieces in white gold, paved with diamonds: a clip pendant, and a secret watch.

The large format clip pendant can be worn on a white gold chain, or as a clip on clothing hair.

The bracelet-watch features a delicate diamond-paved dial and delicately-pivoting corollas, that can also be transformed into a pendant and worn on a chain, or mounted on a jewelry structure as a clip.

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