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TAG Heuer’s Latest Smartwatch is The Most Refined One Yet

It looks like a watch, but works more like your phone.
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TAG Heuer has long been a pioneer in the luxury watch sector, but in 2015, they ushered in a new era of luxury Swiss watchmaking with tech with the TAG Heuer Connected watch. Five years on, it still proves to be the most innovative digital luxury watch in the market.

Today, TAG Heuer has announced its third generation of its luxury smartwatch, the simply named TAG Heuer Connected, the highest-performing smartwatch the luxury brand has made, and the most mature and refined smartwatch offering yet.

TAG Heur Connected

“The Connected watch is not only a beautiful timepiece, it’s a truly immersive experience, as it now sits within a complete TAG Heuer digital ecosystem geared towards performance and sports. The navigation has been deeply refined so the product is as intuitive and easy to use as possible, both in everyday life and during sports sessions,” says Tag Hueur’s Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Frederic Arnault. 

Highly functional 

Though the TAG Heuer Connected comes from the world of watchmaking, it receives its functionality from the latest version of Google’s Wear OS software.  Yes, that includes everything from notifications, microphone-enabled Google Translate, Google Pay, virtual assistant, weather forecast, and more. It is also compatible with iOS, so you can use it with any iPhone or Android device. 

Advanced sports and activity tracking 

The versatile watch is meant to enhance your individual lifestyle. Apart from the daily connected services offered from Wear OS by Google, there are also immersive sports experiences from the TAG Heuer Sports app, with detailed tracking for golf, running, cycling, walking, fitness and other sessions, thanks to the watch’s built-in GPS and heart-rate monitor, among other sensors.

This is complemented by the newly developed Tag Heuer mobile companion app that allows for greater personalisation and insights into the wearer’s achievements. Plus, given that it is a smartwatch, it can do so many of the things your phone does but on a more convenient, smaller screen, while your phone is out of reach. 

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Sports app

Sleek yet sturdy design 

The smartwatch is available in stainless steel and titanium models with a 45mm case, each with a rubberised crown and ceramic bezel. It comes in a 1.4 inch OLED touchscreen, protected by sapphire glass.

It looks more like a traditional watch, taking cues from its classic Carrera watches for a sleeker design. Antennas are also hidden underneath the ceramic bezel, and screen closer to the sapphire glass for a smaller design.

Check out the TAG Heuer Connected Watch's several iterations here:


The TAG Heuer Connected watch starts from $2,550.

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