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The Renaissance of Fabergé

Inspiring commercials, paired campaigns and charismatic images — these are the successes of legendary Russian jewellery house, Fabergé. To discover how the brand made its mark on the world, we talk to brand ambassador Mariana Voinova and Fabergé descendant, Joshua Fabergé.
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Mariana, how did you initially get into the modelling business?

MV: When I was 16, my grandmother heard on the radio that girls were needed to be enrolled to a fashion model school. She called there and made an appointment for me. From then on, I started working in Ukrainian and foreign projects and I walked the catwalks at Ukrainian Fashion Week and Lviv Fashion Week. I also took part in beauty contests where I represented my hometown, Lviv. After breaking the contract with the model agency in Shanghai, I decided to leave the agency. I couldn’t accept the way a model is positioned in this business. I decided that I would keep myself for the worthy projects, implement my goals and objectives, go my own way with my own rules.


What is your current relationship with the modelling industry?

MV: For 10 years now I have not been listed in any model agency. I am very selective and give my energy for projects that have a positive and useful mission. 


What fashion brands do you want to work with?

MV: When I was still in school, I dreamed of becoming the face of Dolce & Gabbana. Now, I do not dream about any brand in specific. If I had to choose, perhaps it will be Balmain. The character and style of the fashion house is very close to my personality.

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Describe yourself in one word.

MV: Creator.


What brands dominate your wardrobe?

MV: I have collected a variety of things that I like from various brands. It is only me and my taste that dominate my wardrobe. There are some things that I have tried to find for years and I don’t know which brand will do the right thing for me.


For you, fashion is ...?

MV: What I wear. I do not resort to stylists and always pick up my clothes myself, even during shoots. Of course, I can listen to the opinions of professionals, but only if I see the point. The same goes for jewellery.

Tell us everything from the very beginning: how did you encounter Fabergé and how did you become an honorary ambassador of the brand?

MV: It happened by a twist of fate. On the eve of St. Valentine’s Day in 2017, I received a call and was invited to take part in a holiday photoshoot for L’Officiel magazine. Since I love anything related to the word "love", I happily agreed. At the shoot, I found out that the jewels would be by only one brand: Fabergé.

After the photo was published, I was invited to the main office of Fabergé in London for a meeting. They wanted to consider my candidature for brand ambassador. They saw that I had a similar energy to the brand, with my noble personality and good reputation. I replied that the brand was really close to me in spirit and I would be honoured to become part of its history, I also said that as an ambassador, I must also be an ideological inspirer, producer and a companion in the brand’s development. I am very grateful for their support and trust. I energetically participate in the life of Fabergé everyday and I do not let go of my tasks. I do my best to move the new life of the brand.



What do you feel when you are wearing jewellery and clothes costing hundreds of thousands of Euros?

MV: I like expensive things including jewellery, but I am not addicted to material things. I feel the same when I’m wearing jewellery and when I’m not. After all, it is you who gives life to clothes and jewelry, not vice versa. You should understand and remember it.


Do you have any favourite Fabergé products?

MV: I'm in love with almost all the brand's jewellery. As I said earlier, Faberge’s philosophy is very similar to mine. In particular, I would highlight the Fabergé Imperial collection, which we shot together with Philip Wolf. Each piece of jewelry demonstrates the perfect interplay of rare colour stones, diamonds and pearls with excellent handwork. Connections to the imperial era are emphasized by such elements as garlands, scrolls, ribbons, tassels, combs, crowns and tiaras.


The collection includes both women's and men's accessories. What is created for men?

MV: For strong and confident men, the brand has created an elite watch. They are distinguished by a harmonious combination of advanced technology and luxurious design. In our advertising campaign Philip is wearing this particular watch — the Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ made of 18-carat rose gold. This model has recently received the Travel Time Watch Prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogeriede Genève. The clockwork with automatic winding mechanism was created by the Agenhor factory for Fabergé by custom order. They also simultaneously show two time zones smoothly and clearly! 


Mariana, what is the Faberge brand to you today?

MV: Today, Fabergé is already a part of me. Everything connected with my participation and contributions is already part of the history of this brand. I am very glad of it.


What guided you when creating the brand’s stills?

MV: When creating stills, I relied on the idea of making them a new round of the history of Fabergé. I wanted them to gain special value after 100 years.


We can't help but ask: what is your City of Dreams? Where you have not been yet?

MV: I love Asia very much. Singapore is the Lion City, one of the most amazing cities in the world and one which I have long dreamed of visiting!



Joshua, you are the direct heir of the legendary Fabergé dynasty. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

JF: My family has always been in my heart, especially my grandfather, Theo Faberge. His story is very unusual: due to family circumstances, his great-grandmother raised him, and he had no idea that he belonged to the Fabergé dynasty until he was 40. By the time I was born, it was part of a family legend and I had helped my mom and grandpa run their jewellery business before I started learning design and found my way to the brand. 

How did you start working with Fabergé?

JF: After I left school, I studied graphic design, photography, music, and subsequently the design of video games. I received an unexpected invitation to join the company from the manager of a Faberge boutique in London, whom I knew as a teenager. Last year, I felt the time had come, and I joined the company. Of course, there is still a lot to learn, but I am thrilled to see the surprise of customers when they find out that they are dealing with someone from the Faberge family.


What are your dreams and plans for Fabergé?

JF: First of all, I hope to bring in the values, morality and spirit of my great-great-grandfather, Peter Carl Faberge, who made this name so famous. His dedication to skillful craftsmanship and the attraction of the best craftsmen are at the very heart of Fabergé, as well as his natural talent for colour. At the same time, I believe that it is just as important to keep up with the times. It is, of course, important to look back, but not too long. I have had experience in many areas of modern design and would like to contribute a little bit of creativity.


In your opinion, what qualities should a Fabergé brand ambassador have?

JF: I love to be in the public eye, like my grandfather, deeply in work with clients. I assume that I am partly an ambassador, but I think my mother is perfect for this position. The ambassador must have a good knowledge of Fabergé and its heritage, as well as embody our values and morality. Above all, as our representatives, they must understand our sensitivity, our style, the art of colour and convey the history of Fabergé in the most elegant light. A conversation with Mariana reveals her craving for this company. She feels connected to it with her heart and soul.


What did you think about Mariana’s idea to make a men’s and women’s advertising campaign at the same time?

JF: Mariana is very creative. She sent me some pictures of this campaign a long time ago and I think they embody romance, adventure, fun, colour and surprise. Surprise is a synonym for Fabergé. Fabergé's magic is about telling stories, celebrating unusual events and creating eternal memories. This campaign brings us the story of a young loving couple in London – its mission is fulfilled!

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