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Flower Power: Rose Dior Pop

Dior celebrates the 20th anniversary of Dior Joaillerie with a vibrant collection of rings in full bloom
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The couturier Christian Dior once said, “After women, flowers are the most divine creations”. Indeed, the botanical world was an unending trove of inspiration for him, from the lush gardens of his childhood home in Granville to the “flower women” of his New Look period. So it only makes sense that Dior Joaillerie should come full circle for its 20th anniversary and celebrate the couturier’s favourite flower: the rose.

Victoire de Castellane has done just that. The creative director has designed a vibrant collection of rings – dubbed the Rose Dior Pop – to commemorate two decades of Dior Joaillerie’s savoir-faire, as well as her 20 years at the helm of it. The queen of flowers takes shape as a gold cocktail ring, with delicate lacquer petals surrounding a heart of gemstones, set off by diamond accents. 

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The richly-hued rings come in shades of blue, violet, red, green, and pink, matched with brilliant cores of emerald, sapphire, ruby, and garnet. Check out the collection below:




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