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Get to Know Diamanti Per Tutti, the Brand Making Diamond Jewellery for All

Fresh from the opening of its first store in Singapore, we catch up with the Belgium brand to tell us how it does jewellery differently. 
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The Mystique Collection

"Diamonds for all": that’s the motto of Diamanti Per Tutti, the Belgium jewellery brand that has recently opened the doors to its first store in Singapore. It's also the first in the Southeast Asian region, joining the list of the brand's boutiques across Belgium, Hong Kong and China.

At its new Raffles City flagship, you'll find a range of the brand's collections such as Black Tulip and Endless, featuring designs that are made with ethically-souced, natural diamonds. These are mostly obtained from diamond traders in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world where the brand comes from.

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Inside Diamanti Per Tutti's new store in Raffles City

Below, we speak to the trio who founded Diamanti Per Tutti — CEO Edward Verté, COO Floris Foqué and creative director Stephanie Wilms — to tell us about their jewellery brand and how they intend to make diamonds a luxury for everyone to indulge in.

Diamanti Per Tutti is Italian for “diamonds for all”. Why do you think that diamond jewellery should be for everyone?

EV: Diamonds add sparkle and a touch of luxury to everyday life. Why limit them to special occasions only and store them away in your jewellery box where no one can see them, not even you? We truly believe diamonds can be fun and fashionable too. That’s why we design minimalistic and timeless diamond jewellery for everyday wear that effortlessly matches one’s individual style. We want everyone to be able to shine from the inside out.


Where and how does Diamanti Per Tutti source its diamonds?

FF: Our diamonds are 100% certified, authentic and conflict-free. We take pride in working with diamonds that are created naturally over a period of one to three billion years! We purchase our diamonds from leading international diamond traders with offices in Antwerp and cities such as Dubai, Mumbai and Hong Kong. They certify that all diamonds respect the United Nations Kimberly Process, meaning that the said diamonds have not been used to finance conflicts.

Can you tell us more about the process and craftsmanship behind each jewellery piece?

SW: We take a design-driven approach, inspired by the purity of Nordic design as well as the luxuriousness and romance of Italian lifestyle and design. We spend months developing unique yet uncomplicated designs that truly showcase the beauty and stunning quality of our diamonds and precious color stones. Each piece is meticulously crafted from 925 sterling silver, gilded with white rhodium, 18K rose gold or 18K yellow gold vermeil and hand-set with real and ethically sourced diamonds as well as precious stones — and in some cases even Japanese Akoya saltwater pearls.


How does the brand hope to make diamond jewellery accessible to all?

FF: Staying true to our philosophy of accessible diamond jewellery, we take great pride in pricing it at affordable price points. While we work with real, certified, ethically sourced diamonds as well as a wide range of precious stones such as topaz, citrine and peridot, Diamanti Per Tutti jewels are priced from SGD90. We keep our designs clean and understated, yet distinctive, to match any outfit at any occasion.


Can you tell us more about Diamanti Per Tutti’s latest collection?

SW: Our latest collection, Attraction, tells the story of the attractive force and desire between lovers. It’s a charming play of Morganite – the stone of divine love – and our classic diamonds. Radiating in soft pink, the morganite gemstone is offset with our signature white diamonds throughout the collection to symbolize the power of attraction between two lovers. The Fusion ring is a captivating statement piece, featuring an exquisite pear-shaped morganite gemstone and 40 white diamonds. Our Gravity designs consist of light pink sapphires and white diamonds always placed at opposites, expressing yearning and magnetic attraction.

What do you think Singaporean customers will appreciate the most about DPT?

SW: The timelessness, elegance and purity of our diamond jewellery will be most appreciated given the discerning fashion sense and cosmopolitan lifestyle of Singapore consumers. Diamanti Per Tutti jewellery will last a lifetime, offer that extra bit of confidence and be a jewel to love and cherish every day.


What’s next for the brand? Any upcoming collections or plans?

EV: We will be extending our reach in Asia as we continue to share our love for diamond jewellery in leading cities around the world, with our next Singapore boutique opening in April 2019 at Jewel Changi Airport. In the meantime, we are putting the finishing touches to our new collaboration collection, which will launch in March. We are very much looking forward to exciting times ahead.

Diamanti Per Tutti is now open at #01-43A Raffles City Shopping Centre.

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