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Cartier Reveals the Mesmerising La Panthère Bracelets

Hypnotic, seductive and wild. La Panthère’s new bracelet iterations mark the return of Cartier’s beloved feline.
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Panthère de Cartier has welcomed new members to the pack. This is despite panthers being notoriously solitary in nature; they don’t hunt in herds and they definitely don’t spend much time rubbing heads and huddling up with others of their kind. Nonetheless, the pack at Cartier has only grown bigger since its first sighting in 1914 and the La Panthère novelties are the latest to roam the grounds.

The new "breed" consists a range of bracelets fashioned similar to its predecessors. Drawing from the ferocious personality of the original, La Panthère, however, is rendered with a marked degree of restraint. The pieces in rose or yellow gold, for starters, subtly express the feline’s silky smooth coat while the panther head centrepiece has been sculpted in a way that alludes to the predator’s quiet and cautious nature.

Further accentuating the silhouette, Cartier proceeds to dot the pieces with the most precious stones. We're talking about a pair of emeralds or tsavorite garnets that make for the panther’s eyes, gazing oh-so menacingly into the distance, or onyx that decorate its snout and brilliant-cut diamonds articulating its spots — the attention to details shown here is a testament to the jewellery house’s legendary craftsmanship.

Design expertise is also translated in the flexibility of the bracelets and they are particularly impressive in the fact that they are not fitted out with an internal spring. Inspired by the panther’s agility — it is said that the stealthy hunter typically sprints short distances and jumps as far as 15 feet for a kill — Cartier explores both the mechanical and intrinsic properties of the gold alloys to achieve these results.

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