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Boucheron's Holographique is a hypnotic high jewellery collection

Inspired by the fleeting beauty of light and colour, Boucheron's creative director Claire Choisne likens the 25-piece collection to "a moving rainbow."
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Rainbow sightings are always something to treasure. The meteorological phenomenon only occurs with an exact combination of light and water. They're uncommon sights to begin with and don't linger for very long, making them all the more precious.

It's that bit of magic that Boucheron's Creative Director, Claire Choisne, hopes to capture in her latest high jewellery collection, Holographique. But the collection wasn't just named for the visual effect: Its Greek etymology means 'to represent everything.'

And there's no one piece that represents that idea better than the eponymous Holographique necklace. Undoubtedly the collection's magnum opus, the Holographique necklace is made of fine crystal blades, each bearing a multitude of different colours – each slice acts as a prism, creating a stunning rainbow- like effect when light hits the necklace.

That mesmerising effect is amplified by the diamonds that line each blade. At the heart of the Holographique necklace is an octagonal yellow sapphire from Ceylon that weighs in at 20.21 ct – the perfect finishing touch to a transcendent work.

Said Choisne: "I love the idea that if I ask you, 'What colour is the necklace?' you won't be able to tell me, because it changes all the time."

How Boucheron achieved this kaleidoscopic effect was a feat of ingenuity. Precious metals are first subject to high temperatures, and then applying them onto ceramics or rock crystal; Choisne also called on Saint-Gobain, a 356-year-old French materials company, to source for a specific material that would create her desired effect. In doing so, Boucheron has succeeded in recreating a sort of natural magic – to capture what is traditionally a fleeting moment and allowing it to be savoured endlessly.

"I wanted a collection that would be positive and full of wonder," said Choisne. "It's quite hypnotic, but also poetic and futuristic at the same time."

Other sets in the collection include Chromatique, a series of rings and brooches that recreate delicate flowers in a holographic, dream-like manner, and Laser, which celebrates the iconic pear-cut motif of Boucheron's Serpent Bohème collection in an undeniably graphic manner.

Choisne says she was also inspired by two seminal creatives: Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson and Mexican architect Luis Barragan. Eliasson's multi-disciplinary works have been described as "sensory experiences" that employ all five senses, while the late Barragan's brightly-coloured buildings were built to evoke a medley of emotions and feelings in its inhabitants. "My house is my refuge, an emotional piece of architecture, not a cold piece of convenience," said the late Barragan.

For Choisne, it is that same sense of emotion and movement that she hopes to tap on for the Holographique collection. "I need – and I think a lot of people need – colour," she quipped. "I wanted this collection to be joyful."

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