Wise Choice: The Investment Pieces To Buy Now And Wear (Practically) Forever

We can't shop our way out of the climate crisis, but if we're being realistic, we won't stop shopping entirely either. What we can do is to buy less and to make every choice count, preferably with investment pieces that will transcend trends, and be in our wardrobes for a long haul.
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Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2020


Leather Forever

1581992550544901 bottega veneta spring 2020
Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2020

Less of a trend and more of a staple, leather shows up unfailingly each season, and even better, if cared for properly leather will literally last a lifetime. So if you're looking for pieces with real staying power in every sense, you'd do well to place your bets on something in leather. Think out of the box and away from the usual black ensembles, and try on these luxe looks in every shade of the rainbow instead. 


That '70s Suit

1581992927430602 louis vuitton spring 2020
Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2020

Sighting a suit on the runway is practically a given every season, and that's because suiting is a style statement with a lasting lifespan. This time around, it's the three-piece suit that has claimed the limelight. Single-breasted blazers with extra-wide lapels are paired with waistcoats and flared trousers or long shorts, paying tribute to the quintessential fashion icon of the '70s - Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. But rest assured, whether it's the 1970s or the 2020s, these mix-and-match pieces will always help you to cut a dapper figure. 


Tropic Thunder

1581993364421328 versace spring 2020
Versace Spring/Summer 2020

Floral patterns have been depicted on fabrics for centuries, maybe even millennia, so it wouldn't be hyperbolic to say they never go out of style. A more perennial print probably doesn't exist. Look beyond standard-issue florals (For spring? Groundbreaking!) and grow a sartorial garden of palm fronds, exotic blooms, and lush foliage instead. After all, if it's good enough for J.Lo, then it should be good enough for you. 


Skin Deep

1581993825988557 givenchy spring 2020
Givenchy Spring/Summer 2020

Judging from the proliferation of bra tops, hot pants, sky-high slits, cut-outs, and sheer fabrics that were flashed on the catwalk last September, you won't be at risk of overdressing anytime soon. Good news if you live in a tropical country, what with the lamentable but as yet ineluctable global warming and all that. Future-proof your wardrobe with these season's best looks - skin, it seems, will always be in. 


First seen in the February 2020 issue of L'Officiel Singapore

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