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“My work sometimes is like being an archaeologist. I discover things. Using a torch to discover things that hide in the darkness,” Michele said after the show. “I came to this museum with my father because I didn’t like football and amusement parks. I was obsessed with archaeology and that hasn’t changed.”

The siblings also get personal in a video shot by Vanderperre for the campaign. While playing a game of "Never have I ever...", they share a fond moment of honesty and sisterhood — a perfect example of what family means to Calvin Klein. 

Burberry Presents its Pre-Fall 2019 Campaign | L'Officiel Singapore

Tom Ford Limited Edition Lips & Boys Collection

If you missed Tom Ford’s super exclusive limited edition Lips & Boys collection earlier this year, fret not (and stop gnashing your teeth, it’s not good for your lips). 25 of the collection’s bestselling shades – which is like, half of the original 50 – is set to return, so don’t miss out on the precious clutch-sized miniature lippies this time. Or, if you didn’t miss the earlier collection and would like more men in your life, another 25 brand-new shades (also named after the men in Tom Ford’s life) are debuting this month. Our personal picks: Drake, a deep plum, Joaquin, a rich ruby red, and Vladimir, an edgy shade of concrete grey (S$50 each).


A. Wool blazer, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, SGD <XXX>.jpgE. Saffiano leather and city calf bag, PRADA, SGD <XXX>.JPGH. Lambskin Ruched bag, CÉLINE, SGD 4350.jpgD. Silver and brass earrings, LOUIS VUITTON, SGD <XXX>.jpgB. Brass and pearl earrings, CÉLINE, SGD 1000.jpgG. Patent leather pumps, SAINT LAURENT, SGD 1700.jpgF. Leather belt, GUCCI, SGD <XXX>.jpg


Burberry’s gabardine is also perfect for the fluid trench coat, which was designed with “plenty of leg room for running or climbing in and out of trenches”. Producing the garment itself involves 100 individual manufacturing processes, one of the most intricate being the stitching of the collar. More than 180 stitches are hand-placed to ensure that the collar sits perfectly on the neck, a complicated process that requires workers to undergo a year’s training before they can execute it.

Another process that has the word “precision” written all over it sees the coat being lined with the signature Burberry check in a bias positioning that ensures the lines of the check meet at precisely 45°.


Right: A newspaper advertisement of the Burberry trench coat from 1908.




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