Tina Wong's Individuality Shines Through Her Sense of Style

A strong presence on the Instagram and fashion scene, Tina Wong talks to L'Officiel Singapore about what influences her personal style.
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You have a strong presence on Instagram. What do you like using it for?

I try to express what I think about life, fashion and beauty with my followers. Things like what I like, what I want to wear and whatever that inspires me – because I want to inspire others as well.

You travel a lot, which is another thing that you share with your followers. What do you always take with you when you do?

My cameras and my journal. I have a planner that I use as a journal for writing down details like what I see or what I eat. I take it with me whenever I travel because I really like keeping memories and I don’t want to lose anything. As for my cameras, I really like shooting portraits of myself, my friends and family.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is an everyday part of my life. I really like to dress up to make myself feel confident. It’s something that I do for myself, but I also like sharing it with my followers on Instagram.

How would you describe your style?

It is pretty versatile because I am drawn to many styles. I can be very boyish one day and very girlish the next. I don’t actually follow trends so much because I’d rather wear something that I really like instead of chasing them. I am very inspired by ‘90s movies and fashion, as well as the French girl style. I also really like to wear colours. 

Does that apply to your views on beauty too?

Yes, I don’t really stick to just one trend or one makeup style. I like trying out different colours, from light to vibrant. My must-have beauty product is glittery eyeshadow, because I really like something sparkly. In general, I don’t limit myself to anything so I like trying out as many things as I can.

This story appears in the June/July 2019 issue of L'Officiel Singapore. 


Photography Lenne Chai/ADB AGENCY

Styling Evon Chng

All jewellery Tiffany and Co.

Outfit Bottega Veneta by Daniel Lee  

Hair Jimmy Yap / Kenaris Salon 

Makeup Zoel Tee using YSL Beaute

Photography assistants Bart, Samuel Goh

Styling assistants Carmen Hudgens and Ye Xuan



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