The Row's Archive of Designer Pieces Are Up For Sale

Pierre Cardin, Chanel, and John Galliano are just a few of the famous designer names topping this list of priceless collectibles by Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen.
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Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen have established themselves as a benchmark in the fashion industry in 2006. With their timeless looks woven into a distinctive irreverent imprint, the twins managed to build a minimalist aesthetic with impeccable tailoring . Using a selection of the highest quality materials and simple shapes, The Row has stood out, ironically, for its discretion.

Although the twins have become quite an enigma, the fascination that these creative women have for fashion, timeless silhouettes and designer pieces is anything but a secret. And now, some of their best-kept possessions of research archive of exquisite vintage garment is now for sale.

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From left to right: Raincoat, ISSEY MIYAKE. Black cape, PIERRE CARDIN. Tailored skirt suit, CHANEL. Black kimono, JOHN GALLIANO.

In this archive you will find extremely valuable pieces dating from the 1970s to the 1990s. A splendid volume raincoat by Japanese designer Issey Miyake stands out from the collection, as does a spectacular black cape from designer John Galliano's spring / summer 1995 collection. Also available is an oversized cape from the recently deceased designer Pierre Cardin and a tailored suit from Chanel. All the garments are available and are true collectibles for any fashion lover.

Check out the pieces up for sale here.

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