The Modern Tale: Prada Launches A Capsule Collection In Celebration of Qixi Festival

The exclusive range of men’s and women’s items are narrated through a modern retelling of the Qixi folklore.
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Even in our modern world today, the power of love remains as mysterious and as magical as time immemorial. It is this very basis in which Prada has launched their capsule collection, featuring re-workings of their classic Prada models, such as the Prada Re-Edition bag in a variety of pastel colours, all narrated through a short film in a modern retelling of the ancient Chinese folklore tale that comes as part of Qixi Festival, aka Chinese Valentine's Day. 

The fashion film is a blend of Prada's futuristic vision and the ancient Chinese tale of love, portraying a male and female protagonist, both dressed in clothing and items from the 'The Modern Tale' capsule collection, moving through their respective worlds. With no dialogue,  body language is used to convey emotions. As the story progresses, we follow the characters through to the emotional reunion at the end.

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The capsule collection features a new Prada Re-Edition bag - a reworking of the classic Prada model with detachable ribbon and chain shoulder straps and a Saffiano leather name tag with keychain, in pastel shades of astrale blue, ginda green, and primula pink.

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As for men, key products include as astrale blue messenger bag and belt bag that comes with contrasting black edges, made of Nylon and Saffiano leather.

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‘The Modern Tale’ collection is now available at the Prada stores in Singapore.

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