From Coco Chanel to Christian Dior, Here Are The Superstitions Of Iconic Fashion Designers

From Yves Saint Laurent's lucky bulldog, to Coco Chanel's affinity with number 5, here are all the notable superstitions of the iconic fashion designers.
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Christian Dior

Probably almost everyone has heard about the designer's superstition. When Christian was a young boy, a palm reader told him that he would succeed through women, where he would one day amass great profits. This prediction would prove accurate and fuel Christian Dior's appetite for mystical guidance well into adulthood. He consulted the help of Madame Delahaye, who resided in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, where she guided Dior on key decisions. One of the rare instances when a designer did not heed her advice ended fatally for him on a vacation trip to Italy.

Dior was also in awe of the magic of numbers, for him the important numbers were 13 and eight. 13 models participated in his shows, and on October eight his fashion house was opened.

Also known for his extreme anxiety, Dior collected talismans. For instance, he commissioned his florist to produce lily of the valley for him throughout the year so he could always carry a sprig of spring bloom with him.

Yves Saint Laurent

The French fashion designer was known to be superstitious, and believed in the magical properties of his bulldog. Saint Laurent was convinced that any outfit from the new collection, which the Man (nickname of the bulldog) sits on, would become a bestseller.


Diana Von Furstenberg

Before each show, Diana puts a lucky mascot coin in her shoe, which her father wore in his boot during the war.


Amy Smilovich

The creative director of the American brand Tibi believes in karma, therefore, on the eve of the show, he tries to leave a tip wherever possible.

Gabrielle Chanel

The iconic Perfume Chanel №5 didn't get its name by chance. Coco believed in the magical power of the number 5, which came to symbolise purity and good luck for her.

“I present my dress collections on the fifth of May, the fifth month of the year and so we will let this sample number five keep the name it has already, it will bring good luck,” she said to master perfumer Beaux then. And judging by the perfume's success, her good luck wish came true. 


Ricardo Tisci

He also believes in the help of numbers, Ricardo follows the number 17. The seventeenth number is the Tarot card with the name “Star”, which promises success and prosperity. This was reflected in his activities during his time at Givenchy. Tisci released T-shirts with this number, released drops on the 17th and put on shows at 17:00.


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