The Want List: End of Season Goodies

Each week, deputy fashion director Evon Chng shares her picks on the hottest fashion items you absolutely need to own
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Part of our job scope, or rather work hazard, at L’Officiel Singapore involves us allocating an inconspicuous portion of our salary towards fashion wants and needs. Rather than furiously adding items to cart, keeping all the goodies to ourselves, then rejoicing with the sole company of our inanimate (although they make us feel alive) new wardrobe finds, we’ve made the decision to share the love with everyone, like the nice people that we are.

This week, we kickstart the series with the best end of season finds. At 20% to 80% off their original retail, it’s a serious case of fastest fingers first, or in millennial speak – #FOMO. Shop them right now.

SJYP Steve J & Yoni P jeans
US$322 US$181 

Miu Miu sneakers 
US$865 US$519 

Off-White socks
US$293 US$88 

Ann Demeulemeester cropped top
US$346 US$162 

Ann Demeuleester blazer 
US$1,228 US$369 

Jacquemus skirt 
US$685 US$343  

Johanna Ortiz 
US$734 US$206


L'Officiel Singapore  Ann Demeulemeester 1.jpgL'Officiel Singapore  Ann Demeulemeester.jpgL'Officiel Singapore Johanna Ortiz.jpgL'Officiel Singapore Johanna Ortiz 1.jpgL'Officiel Singapore  SYJP STEVE J YONI P.jpg L'Officiel Singapore  Miu Miu.jpgL'Officiel Singapore  Off White .jpg

Main image: NET-A-PORTER and Daniel Bruno Grandl @TheUrbanSpotter 



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