Salvatore Ferragamo’s Trifolio Campaign Celebrates A New Wave of Female Creatives

The new campaign, featuring Bonnie Chen, takes its inspiration from Hollywood with its myriad of possibilities
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Bonnie Chen. Image courtesy of brand

Sinead Bovell, Bonnie Chen, Cuba Tornado Scott, and Gillian Zinser... What do these women have in common? They are a brave new wave of female creatives and entrepreneurs that share the common attraction to the creative center that is Hollywood. And now, italian luxury label Salvatore Ferragamo celebrates these women and their insights, emotions, and ambitions in their new campaign, consisting of individual short films.

“When I first came to Hollywood, I feel the openness and possibility of my future. It gives me the energy of the new life - a fabulous, glamours and mysterious life. My generation can live anywhere in the world, so I want the world to see US,” says Bonnie Chen in an Instagram post, adding, "Thanks @ferragamo for capturing the new chapter of my life, from a Fashion Model to a Filmmaker. It feels great to be able to do both. It feels powerful to be creative."

The campaign also features model and tech entrepreneur, Sinead Bovell, Granddaughter of Ridley Scott, model, illustrator and filmmaker Cuba Tornado Scott, and 91210 actress Gillian Zinser.

Creative Director, Paul Andrew, with Italian-born and US-based film-maker Franscesco Carrozzini shot these four film industry insiders as they take us to their places around the city, sharing their experiences of this unique place.

Debuting in the campaign is also the Ferragamo Pump, a modernized upgrade on a house classic, and the new Trifolio bag.

The Trifolio is a versatile, yet stylish bag, perfect for the woman on the go. It is divided into three distinct compartments, with an unmistakable clasp hardwaret that is the Gancini, and are handmade by the expert Salvatore Ferragamo artisans in Italy. Check out its variations here:


“What we have learned is that women really appreciate carrying a bag that looks elevated and fashion forward, but which also offers functional versatility.

With the Trifolio you can organise what you need for the day in an efficient and useful way: maybe you’re carrying a contract for work, a battery for your phone, a purse, a set of clothes for yoga class - with the Trifolio you can put all these elements - or any you choose - in the same bag, but also individually packed.

It turns what might be a two-bag situation into a one bag situation - and that’s what our customers are saying they love about it, along with the design of the bags themselves, of course!” says Andrew in a press release. 

Gillian Zinser. Image courtesy of brand

The Italian luxury label’s affinity with Hollywood goes back. It was in the earliest years of the movie industry in 1923, where Ferragamo, then a young italian shoemaker, opened his very first store in Santa Barbara, California. From there, he was hired by costume departments and movie stars to create shoes worn both on and off screen, with a celebrity clientele of Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monrie, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, and more. 

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