Queen Of K-Pop BoA Talks Her 20th Anniversary And Paving The Way For Other K-Artistes

The original K-icon and the first to achieve success on a global stage, Kwon Bo-ah speaks exclusively with L'Officiel Singapore on celebrating her vicennial milestone, looking up to Michael Jackson, and working with EXO, Red Velvet and BOL4
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Congratulations on 20 years since your debut! How will you be celebrating this milestone?

Thank you for the kind words. Various artistes — such as Baekhyun of EXO, BOL4, Gallant, and Red Velvet — are singing my past songs again for a (retrospective) project named Our Beloved BoA by SM STATION, so I'm very touched. I'm also planning to celebrate my 20th anniversary with my fans in various ways. Stay tuned!


What are some of your favourite memories over these 20 years?

For me, all of the time I've spent with my fans, every stage I've been on, and the hundreds of songs that will last forever in our hearts — these are the most meaningful and rewarding parts. I am very thankful for my fans' loyal support. Most definitely, my fans are the biggest reason I carry on, and they also drive me to keep working hard towards good music and performances. 

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You were part of South Korea's edition of The Voice recently. What was it like for you as a veteran artiste interacting with new talents?

I really enjoyed seeing the contestants being passionate, and performing positively each time. Their positive energy inspired me a lot. Listening to different singing styles was also great fun. The whole process — from supporting the contestants in preparing their performances to receiving applause from the audience — was a memorable and meaningful experience. 

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During this period where people face challenges because of the pandemic, what role do you think music has to play?

I believe music is a powerful medium that can heal and give us energy in our lives. At this time of crisis, I think the role of music is more important than ever. 

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In terms of fashion, could you tell us what some of your style essentials are at the moment?

I usually prefer wearing comfortable styles, and I especially love denim! As an artiste who needs to pull off different styles, I try to exercise regularly and take good care of myself, so that I can try on any outfits that fit the concept for my performances on stage. 

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Our September issue is all about icons. Who is your personal icon?

Since I was little, I've been a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I have learned so much from his great energy and stage performances, and he is still my inspiration. I believe Michael Jackson is one of the cultural icons that transcends time and generations. 


These days, K-pop is so influential globally. As one of the stars who first landed international success, what are your hopes for the industry in the years to come?

It's a great pleasure to see K-pop being loved and recognised by fans and audiences worldwide. I believe K-pop artistes need to show the world even greater music and performances, to return the love and support we have received. 

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First seen in the September 2020 issue of L'Officiel Singapore

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