Moncler Launches New Moncler Genius Collaboration with Kei Ninomiya

The all-black avant-garde collection by the Comme des Garçons alumnus is now available at Dover Street Market Singapore.
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The second installment of Moncler Genius — a project in which the Italian brand collaborates with 8 different designers for exclusive capsule collections that reimagine its iconic down jacket — has been launched at Dover Street Market in Ginza. Following last month's capsule by Hiroshi Fujiwara, the Moncler 6 Noir Kei Ninomiya collection features 40 designs by Commes Des Garçons alumnus Kei Ninomiya exploring the idea of "wearable geometry".

In fact, there probably isn't a better phrase to describe the all-black range, whose colour palette can be credited to the name of Ninomiya's label, Noir. Using a variety of fabric manipulation techniques such as intarsia, quilting and stitching, Ninomiya transformed the puffer jacket into innovative shapes that wouldn't look out of place in a haute couture collection


Aside from the outerwear — coats and vests make up a good mix — the collection also consists of elaborate, bell-shaped skirts and tops resembling overblown knitted sweaters, except that these are crafted with Moncler's shiny nylon. Another key fabric is leather, which is used for unexpected feminine details like cut-out flowers. Needless to say, the collection and its intricacies are best appreciated when examined up-close, which you can do with the gallery below:


The Moncler 6 Noir Kei Ninomiya collection is now available at Dover Street Market Singapore.



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