Is MM6 Maison Margiela's Cool, Younger Sister?

If so, we totally want to be friends with her.
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A Tweet once read, “MM6 is like Margiela’s cool younger sister that you’re afraid to talk to because you’re already friends with Margiela,” and at the time, I couldn’t have agreed more. Yet, with the launch of MM6’s Fall 2019 collection, I’m not so scared anymore and I think my imaginary friendships with both lines can coexist.

For those unfamiliar with MM6, it’s Maison Margiela’s diffusion line that offers pieces following a similar aesthetic to the notorious Margiela line, yet at lower price point; therefore MM6 is widely adored by a younger audience.

This collection for MM6 returned to their classic silhouettes, now puffed up with padded forms. While now slightly exaggerated in terms of proportion, the garments still feel wearable, familiar and humble, three attributes MM6 is known for. Upon taking a closer look at each piece, it becomes clear that the designs showcase hidden details, mimicking the padded forms even throughout the pockets and buttons.

Many items within the collection borrowed from menswear, a trend we’ve been seeing throughout the past few seasons from many designers. In particular, the MM6 collection features oversized trench coats, cropped trucker jackets, and, for the first time the classic 5-zip biker, which has been carefully reinterpreted from their archives, now in nylon. While the silhouettes have a definite masculine feel, accents of femininity can be recognized throughout the collection as well, such as the circle dress that feels delicate when compared to other looks in the presentation.

The items featured this season are reminiscent of clouds and take on their tactility from most notably padding, but also nylon, satin, and chunky knitwear. The motif of clouds is also brought about by the color palette used by MM6 this season which is compiled mainly of different shades of white, and then pure black.

The collection is completed by the accessories which resemble everyday objects. We see handbags modeled after wine bottles, and price tags worn proudly as badges. Even the iconic Margiela dust bag makes an appearance as a delicate evening bag. And as for footwear? Most of it was concealed by padding and covers, masquerading around as oversized pillowcases.

MM6 has once again impressed us with innovative fashion that actually feels wearable and totally has claimed her place as Margiela’s cool younger sister. Only now, we totally plan on being her friend.


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