Mermaidcore is More Than a Fashion Trend

Ocean-inspired fashion is on the rise this season, according to fashion search engine Lyst.
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Mermaidcore—a contraction of "mermaid" and "normcore"—is the latest trend we've seen designers dive into. In times of uncertainty due to the coronavirus, fashion's hankering for a different world is undeniable. Without much clarity about the future, it's easier to disappear into the deep waters, where there is lively flora and fauna, but also tranquility and strength. There's also greater interest in nature and sustainability which helps fuel this aquatic-inspired trend. Not to mention, comfy clothes became the default during the pandemic, fitting right in with the normcore component of this style.

The Spring/Summer 2021 collections featured all kinds of mermaid core. Versace's spring 2021 campaign stands out, with Kendall Jenner, Precious Lee, and Hailey Bieber modeling the Atlantis-inspired collection alongside a sea of jellyfish. Or there is Iris Van Herpen, who teamed up with Parley for the Oceans to create a "tentacle" dress from recycled plastic. Using a 3D printer, ocean waste was upgraded to Haute Couture creations.

The maritime trends of preppy navy stripes and sailor bracelets are replaced by a more fantastical take on aquatic-inspired fashion. For accessories, pearl earrings and shell necklaces feature prominently, paired with flowy summer dresses. In particular, Lyst identified three products that shoppers are especially opting for this season: Rixo's triangular shell earrings, Anni Lu's shell earrings, and Wald Berlin's shell necklace.

The fashion industry isn't the only place where you'll come across mermaidcore. Dreamy movies and TV shows from the 2000s keep the trend alive, such as Aquamarine or H2O: Just Add Water.  In beauty, blue makeup looks reflect the ocean waves. Even in our homes, shells and mermaid sculptures add a kitschy feel. You can see it already: mermaidcore is here to stay.

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