Meet KARINA Safarova Rudeva, the Woman Who Has It All

The Russian fashionista reveals her style philosophy, her secrets for success and how to live your best life.
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Karina is a successful and stylish lady, model and business woman. She is based in London as a high network entrepreneur and has a VIP bespoke service that provides the best tailormade solutions for her clients. On top of that, she created her own health retreat centre in Europe and is planning to expand worldwide. She strongly believes in her new approach of "medicine without pills" and digital health. She uses only new technologies and loves to heal people and help them maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle without pharmaceuticals. 

Karina is also creative and has an incredibly interesting character. She graduated from one of the top design, arts and fashion schools in London, Istituto Marangoni, as well as HFE Health and Fitness Education College. Naturally, her life is very intense and exciting: she travels a lot, is active in sports and always does her best to achieve any goals. It goes without saying that such an intense life means having a very busy schedule. Here, she shares with us her secrets behind her beauty routine, healthy lifestyle and more.


Karina is always in brilliant shape. Her natural beauty, perfect body and aristocratic style attract such an extreme attention that we asked her to share her secrets.

"I have my ‘S’ principle: Sport, Sun and Smile. I cannot imagine my life without traveling, sports activities and constant growth - both personal as well as professional. My energy and love for life goes beyond the human imagination.”

“Being healthy is one of the key secrets to feeling happy. I am very happy and loved. And it is not about your age or weight. I am not obsessed with constantly checking my “kilos”. I never stop learning about healthy nutrition and food supplements, including organic food. I treat my body with extreme care, at the same time I always pay significant attention to internal beauty.”

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“We all understand the obvious: time is precious and life is so short that you should try your very best to commit every moment of it to feeling and actually being happy. Complaints and regrets are a waste of time, neither is it worth it to be obsessed with wealth. Love is always the key answer to most of the questions we have and the solution to all problems. We need to love, and learn to love unconditionally. Unconditional love is the greatest power if you can achieve it. Only then you will be able to enjoy the fundamental beauty in every single moment of your life."

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, Karina practices yoga, Pilates and goes jogging in the park everyday. She also does a lot of reading and selects her nutrition with extreme care. “If you take proper care of your skin and hair, applying makeup will become less relevant and, most importantly, will help you to reveal the natural beauty” Karina says. Her top skincare products are a La Mer moisturizer and Dr. Dennis Gross’ peels. Karina also strongly believes that not paying enough attention to your lifestyle – what you eat, when you go to bed, when you wake up, how long you sleep, how much alcohol you consume – will make it hard to maintain a healthy, youthful look no matter what skincare brands you use.

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Needless to say, Karina is a wonderful mother. Not a single day passes without her cooking a delicious and healthy meal, which always surprises her loved ones and shows her creativity in leaving a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Karina’s daughter also has a significant importance in her life: “My daughter – is the key source of my inspiration. Maria was born in Geneva and now lives and studies in England. Since she was young, I’ve been committing all my energy to her and devoting love. She has a very strong character and sharp mind. Since her childhood, she has developed great interest for equestrian sports, golf, reading, and now, especially given that she is still quite young, I am very happy to see her growing up adhering to fundamental values in life and developing a proper mindset based on these values. I spent a lot of time looking for a good school in England, because, in the first place, I wanted Maria to get excellent education, but at the same time I wanted my daughter to feel comfortable while being away from her loved ones.”

“I have to admit - that it was not easy. She has been living and studying in York at Queen Ethelburga’s College, which is one of the top boarding schools in the UK today. When I first visited the school, I felt that I got into a royal castle. Children from a variety of different countries, whose parents represent royal families, top government officials and businessmen, come to study at this school. Students develop lifelong friendships, which help them to get the most out of their passion and become successful in life. As a mother, I absolutely want only the best for my daughter and with extreme delight will continue to admire watching her becoming a successful young lady.”

Above everything, Karina only wants the best for her daughter. But at the same time she is committed to the importance of growing Maria as a lady, a successful and bright person with a single-minded personality who never takes anything for granted. We are confident that Maria has a bright future ahead of her.

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Having a degree in design and fashion, Karina is not a trend follower. Instead, she is a trend setter. She doesn’t believe that “expensive means high quality”; to a certain extent, she thinks it’s a stereotype. She believes that elegance and charisma are fundamentals of “being fashionable”. This is something natural and inherent, something which is next to impossible to learn or buy no matter how rich you are.

She quotes Franca Sozzani, the late editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue: “All lies within you. If you are artificial and just fascinated and driven by being part of the world’s glamour society – at the end you'll only get to a point of frustration and absurdity. There will always be people who are younger than you, more beautiful and attractive than you. As a result, you might well get to the edge of not knowing who you actually are or ‘lose’ yourself."

Karina’s solution? “You need to be yourself, to have a character,” she says. “You may of course look elegant and ‘expensive’. However, that does not mean that you are fashionable. After all, style is a creative blend of old and new. I'm not obsessed by running after brand names, as many others do. In fact, I love vintage. For example, you can buy a very expensive dress by Tom Ford, but it doesn’t mean that by wearing it you will stunningly stand out. I tend to prefer to come up with a creative blend of clothing from different designers that allows me to retain my individuality."

She also adds, "Bad taste is a common issue. An example is wearing a pair of high heel shoes on a casual day, while driving a Bentley or carrying a large, fake Hermes bag. As Epicurus said, ‘Live hidden.’ But have good taste and a touch of luxury. Fashion trends change, but style stays.”

“I would not carry the Hermes Birkin bag. Instead, I’d go for a small clutch or Kelly purse. When I see ladies with large purses, I am always tempted to ask myself, ‘What are they carrying inside?’ In terms of shoes, I prefer Manolo Blahnik — but not too high-heeled. My wardrobe is well balanced and has a good mix of everything. I will always stop by Topshop in London, but at the same time will visit Tom Ford with great pleasure and buy, for example, a new coat or a fashionable leather jacket."


Despite her busy schedule, Karina always finds time to enjoy her hobbies, especially travelling. "I am a citizen of the world,” she says.“I stick to the rules, ‘Do what you can, with what you have and where you are.’ I am glad that I have the opportunity to travel and live in the best countries of the world. Now, I spend most of my time in the UK and in the United States. No matter where I am, I always find myself being as active as I can, and to devote time on acquiring new knowledge, learning new sports activities and hobbies, such as horse riding, shooting and golf."

"I always try to surround myself only with interesting people. Since I moved to London, my life has become even more fascinating and vibrant, full of interesting events, activities and new hobbies. I want to continue to learn more and develop, discover something new every day. I do disagree with the idea that there is nothing new left to be created or invented. It would then mean the end of the world, the collapse of civilisation. But for me – it has all just begun."

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“Nowadays, many young women are obsessed with having endless photo sessions, every second running a blog, taking each other's ideas and spending hours trying to prove something to each other,” says Karina. “The world is gradually losing its individuality.” Frankly speaking, Karina finds it simply absurd. She has a passion for learning and looking for something new. Recently, she has been hard at work, finding little time for sleep. But she believes that without being passion, hard work, dedication and “sacrifices”, it is impossible to be successful in life.

“I love horse riding and golf, and I got my daughter accustomed to these hobbies since her childhood. Now, I cannot resist being lured by my new elite hobby, ‘shooting’, which for the first time I tried in Ascot, UK. It's like golf but a completely different culture, having become a tradition of its own a long time ago. There is an elegant touch of philosophy in it. Not a surprise that members of royal families love spending their time ‘shooting’. I also do a lot of reading. It fascinates me as I always learn something new. Everything in the world we live in is constantly changing, every day we learn about something new – something which could have a revolutionary effect that we won’t even notice.”

“Some recent books I like are 'Evidence of Eternity' and 'Never Letting Go' by Marc Anthony. I also found 'The Incorrigible Optimists Club' by Jean-Michel Guenassia and 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand fascinating. I was particularly impressed with John Galt’s speech at the end of that book."


As for rules she lives by? Karina says, “Do not be obsessed with stereotypes. Do not do something because it's fashionable. Just wear it, eat it, read it. Shift your focus away from outdated principles and standards. Do not waste precious time trying to become better than the best. Be yourself!”

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