A Woman In Her Own League: Tatiana Samokhvalova

Get to know the Ukrainian model, business woman and life coach who most recently featured on the cover of L'Officiel Baltics.
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As successful as she is, Tatiana's thirst for knowledge is something that keeps her going, finding inspiration and motivation from all facets of life including nature, travel, books and fine art. An avid globetrotter herself, she has visited over 60 countries and plans on traveling even more widely in the future.  


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Following the likes of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, she was most recently named as the face to represent renowned brand Atsuko Kudo, famed for their unique latex design couture. 

When it comes down to owning her individual sense of style, Tatiana prefers to fill her wardrobe with pieces that cater to her personal taste, instead of relying on stylists to dress her, that in which translates into the exceptional style that she is known for on social media. But if she had to choose one brand in particular that appeals most to her, it would be Balmain, as the brand's aesthetic is one that she identifies with personally as well. 

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When asked what her personal motto is, she quotes "The one who keeps on walking will reach the end of the road." And perhaps, this never-say-die spirit and wide-eyed curiosity for the world, coupled with hard work and self-motivation, is exactly what made her into the incredibly successful person that she is today. 

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